Bible Law

[written 3/2/20]

Charles Bosseron Chambers Sacred Heart of Jesus

Be kind to people who need help, for My sake.

That’s a brief summary of the moral law contained in the Holy Bible. The law according to which He will judge us all.

Not really complicated. The Bible is a thick book, with lots of difficult names of people and places. But what it basically tells us to do is: Believe in the triune God, pray to Him, receive His grace, and be genuinely, helpfully kind to everyone around you.

Demanding? Yes. Since the law always applies. The only way to fulfill God’s Law of Kind and Helpful Love is: to stay close to the One who initiated all the kindness in the first place. When it comes to following the law of selfless, divine love, He did it first.

We were nothing. Actually, worse than nothing. We were scrawny little trophies in Satan’s purse. Before that, we were non-beings. Literally, non-beings.

But God visited us in the prison of nothingness. He came to us while we were sick in the hospital of a meaningless life. He clothed us in our nakedness, fed us in our desperate hunger, and gave us cool, refreshing water to drink. We were disoriented strangers in this universe, but He said, “No, no, little ones. You are my children.”

Loving others and helping them is our chance to do like our heavenly Father has done with us.

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