Greater Than Solomon and Jonah Here

[written 3/4/20]


There is something greater than Solomon here… Something greater than Jonah here. (Luke 11:31,32)

Lord Jesus celebrated the Passover with His disciples. He gave us the new and eternal Passover, the holy covenant in His divine Body and Blood. The Mass.

He abides with us, here and now, in every parish church and chapel, never to forsake us. His divine wisdom can be ours, through our sacramental communion with Him. Jesus lived a pilgrim life of perfect harmony with the infallible, inexorable divine will. So we can, too.

His harmony with the Father’s will brought about His exodus, which is our exodus. He submitted to death, conquered it, and restored immortality to human flesh. He immortal flesh abides with us. He gives Himself to us as our food.

We will have troubles in this short life. The situation with the bishop has me so tied-up in knots, I hardly know what to do. If anyone has any advice, I will gladly hear it.* But Jesus Christ, abiding with us, giving Himself to us: that doesn’t change, and it sees us through everything, unto eternal life.

The one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church can fall into confusion, even systemic corruption and lawlessness. But the white-hot divine center of it all, the Blessed Sacrament of our altars—that remains perennially immaculate.

From Him, the greatest of all, here with us—from the flesh and blood of Christ—will come our wisdom and our renewal. It will come. He does not fail.


* By the time you read this, dear blog reader, the situation will have moved on. I’ll still be glad for advice, I would imagine. But check the latest posts first.

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