First Commandment

[written 2/13/14]


Our first reading at Holy Mass today recounts King Solomon’s infidelity to the one, true God. Hopefully that put us in mind of one of the Commandments, namely…

By the grace of Jesus Christ, which He gives us through His sacraments, we can believe in the triune God. We can hope to share His perfect, eternal blessedness. We can love Him honestly, with our whole selves.

God gives us the theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity. But we have to co-operate with His grace by cultivating them.

We give the true God His due by practicing religion. We daily recognize the grandeur of God’s Providence. We acknowledge that we are but dust and ashes in His sight. We beg His mercy. We praise Him and adore Him. We offer ourselves to Him, in union with His Son Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself on the cross.

Thus we observe the most-basic of all laws. We never forget the One Who, in His kindness, delivered us from slavery. The slavery of sin. And the slavery of not even existing at all.

Keeping the First Commandment saves us from the terrible fate of Solomon. His “heart was not entirely with the Lord, his God.”

One thought on “First Commandment

  1. Yes, Father Mark- You are correct. We must love our God with all our heart, mind, and soul. But it seems our Shepherds have forgotten this and do not realize what they are doing. I pray for you daily and hope you are doing good through all this.


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