Queen of Sheba and Us

[written 2/12/20]

Queen of Sheba

In our first reading at Holy Mass today, we hear how the Queen of Sheba came to Jerusalem seeking enlightenment and wisdom. She found it, beyond what she had imagined.

She represents us. We come to the New Jerusalem, the holy Church. We seek the wisdom that we hear St. Paul discuss in I Corinthians: Wisdom unto salvation.

When the queen found what she was looking for, she gave well over $10 million as an offering. We don’t have that much. What we have to give is ourselves. What we seek by coming to church is worth giving our whole selves for. In fact, we have to give our whole selves, in order to get it.

The queen found what she sought, when she went to Jerusalem. And we find what we seek, too. Through all the ups and downs, through the roller-coaster ride of life in this world, the Church still has the Gospel of salvation, the mystery of God’s Christ. The Lord promised to abide with us here. We can count on that promise.

We can get caught up in particular dramas in life. Each of us has to seek God’s will and try to do what He asks of us. He always has a plan for how all things will turn out for His glory somehow. We all have our part to play.

But let’s remember that the short-term dramas will pass. Even the Father-Mark-blog/bishop drama. It will pass eventually, one way or the other.

The fundamental reality will remain. We will still come to church, seeking wisdom unto salvation. And Jesus Christ Himself will still await us here, to give us what we’re looking for.

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