19 thoughts on “Little Divine-Mercy-Sunday Videos

  1. I will cry with Joy right along with you Father. Thank you for this needed homily by you! Glory to God.

  2. Dear Fr. Mark,
    I awoke with a heavy heart and then saw and heard you with your wonderful homily. Tears rolled down my cheeks for your words of trust and faith as you go through all that you are enduring. Yours are the words that inspire faith…not the meaningless and manipulative words heard from the Bishop yesterday.
    I keep the words of Thomas Merton’s well-known prayer from Thoughts in Solitude posted both in my kitchen and in my private prayer chamber and read them daily. Today especially, “Therefore will I trust you always, though I may seem to be lost and in the shadow of death. I will not fear, for you are ever with me, and you will never leave me to face my perils alone. Amen.” God bless you and protect you, Fr. Mark. You have been and always will be for me a “true priest.”
    Judy Rogers

  3. Hi Mark
    Just read the Crux article. I am in Sydney Australia. I resigned from the priesthood in 2005, after 20 years with no regrets then or now. Just want to encourage you in your search for justice within the Church. Silence is a terrible weapon when you just want to breathe life into church practice.
    Of course your are not the first to protest orders from the hierarchy. There are pockets of grace seeking justice and they are growing. Speak your truth and let it take you where it will because there no point being anything if you cannot be authentic.

  4. A huge shoutout to Al Broholm, for his courage yesterday in telling the bishop he shouldn’t be there, and for his anger — I’d love to hear that big bang!!! a thousand times — anger that was the only reasonable response to the bishop’s action in coming and his words after he got there. Thank you, Al
    Ann White

  5. The Bishop used a bullly pulpit to promote his own agenda. It’s very obvious that he intends to maintain a stranglehold of secrecy on the sexual abuse case. He had an excellent opportunity to promote healing but he chose otherwise. Sad. I pray for him.

  6. In my opinion St. Joseph and St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Churches have been blessed by God not once but twice to have been gifted with Father Mark D. White as our Shepard. To Catholics the Eucharist is the consecrated body and blood of Christ. Father Mark handles the Eucharist with the most reverence I have ever seen from a celebrant. In addition, he gives one time to gaze upon the consecrated body and blood of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, time to reflect upon His sacrifice for us, and time to prepare ourselves to receive Him through the Eucharist. Me, I would like for Father Mark to be permanently assigned to us but I doubt a light as big as his will be left to shine just here.

  7. So sad to see Fr. Mark as a captive audience as the Bishop flaunted his authority and to use the Mass to do so.
    May the Lord give you peace and perseverance through this ordeal. Prayers for the both of you.

  8. Unbelievable-Pathetic-Unmanly that Bishop Knestout, accompanied by two priests , would show up at St. Francis of Assisi unannounced (with camera crew )and use the homily to appeal to parishioners and viewers his displeasure with Father Mark. How weak is that? It is glaringly obvious this is about silencing a good holy priest who speaks the truth. In my opinion, this little premeditated charade will only backfire. Father Mark is the real hero in this scenario!

  9. I listened to Bishop Knestout’s homily in full. Although he can come across as very candid, he clearly attempted to frame the situation as a personal disagreement between himself and Fr Mark, one that simply amounted to past hurts between two brothers. His message was unity above all else. It is not a new tactic to try to minimize a plea for justice by recasting it as a squabble between individuals. Never once did the bishop mention the issue at the center of all this: the Church’s lack of transparency with regard to the Cardinal McCarrick scandal and reports that were promised but have never been released. Yes, he showed up but he did not have the courage to speak the truth. Until he does, how does he expect genuine unity?

  10. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. There will be no “winner” in this tragedy, only more carnage. A good priest will be cast out, more people will leave the church, and an opportunity will be lost.

    However you wish to characterize the establishment; mafia, boys club, bullies it is always thus. Those with the power will exercise whatever means needed to maintain and increase their power.

    This is not just between a Bishop and his Priest, this is the totality of the Church hierarchy verses a single Priest. If a peaceful solution was desired, an ambush would not have been orchestrated.

    History repeats itself, a descendant of Martin follows his path to illuminate wrongs. Doesn’t look like the church has learned from its history at all.

    I pray for both Fr White and the Church, but fear without Devine intervention now palatable solution will be found.

  11. I sincerely hope the comment of “Terry”, above, that praises the bishop and welcomes a new priest is an ill advised attempt at sarcasm. If not, then I find the comment offensive. It was a disgrace and beneath the dignity of his office for the bishop to ambush Father Mark and use the homily at Holy Mass for his own manipulative agenda instead of extolling the many virtues of the feast day of Divine Mercy Sunday. What a colossal missed opportunity to do something good.

  12. I watched the Bishop’s Mass at St. Frances. Apparently he realizes that he has to wait for Canon Law decision. Don’t understand why he wants to move you anyway. Doesn’t make sense. Hang in there! – We Love you! Lori T & Troy

  13. No sarcasm here. As one seeking to be a faithful Catholic, I see this blog oozing with so much hate for the Mother Church that it allows me and other silent fellow parishioners to pray for your souls. Many of you have lost your spiritual direction and are in grievous sin by aligning yourselves to one who is spreading seeds that will do permanent spiritual harm to your souls. I have waited 60+ years for the Church to address the issue of sexual abuse and, with the assistance of the Attorney General, this sexual exploitation by priests has come to light. The Church and Bishop have set policies in place that will be expanded if given a chance to evolve and heal. With that said, I am sure those on this blog will direct their hate and dislike towards me and other parishioners in favor of the Bishop who is seeking communion and reconciliation with Father White. Bitterness and hate is not the way.

  14. Terry: why didn’t you post this yesterday vs your brief comment that was obviously a nasty hurtful swipe at Fr Mark? If you want healing as you now claim where was the love yesterday?Good faithful people can disagree on whether the Bishop, Diocese and Church are effectively addressing the sexual abuse crisis, but taking a nasty swipe at a good man who has the backbone to stand up for victims is not conciliatory or Christian! My response to you yesterday was obviously a sarcastic come back deliberately chosen over directly insulting you. What we should all want and pray for is justice for the victims, full transparency in the Church, and healing. Unity will follow not precede. Watching a Bishop, who is supposed to shepherd, take advantage of a captive audience to publicly chastise and attempt to emasculate a grown man is appalling.

  15. I hold no bitterness or hate toward anyone who sees this situation in a different way. You are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. I pray that the bishop and Father Mark find a solution acceptable to both in regards to their issues with one another. However, I don’t believe the bishop’s heavy handed tactics are the way to accomplish that end. It is not for you to pass judgment on my spiritual direction, my soul or my sinfulness. That responsibility is above your pay grade.

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