Given a Father

[I cannot preach at Holy Mass because bishop has a. suspended my priestly ministry and b. locked me out of the church. But if I could give my people a homily this Sunday, I would say this…]


I will not leave you orphans, says the Lord. (John 14:18)

When God created the human race, He did it with fatherly love. Adam and Eve had no human parents. But they were not orphans. Their heavenly Father provided for them in every way. [Spanish]

Then we, the human race, let Satan turn us into orphans. He led us away from God our Father.

But the Lord had a plan to rescue us, even then. To save the human race from the existential orphanage. For most people, that plan involves baptism in our infancy and learning about Jesus in our earliest youth. We avoid the existential orphanage by getting born into a Christian family.

Now, I think we have all heard of parents who say, “We’re not going to raise our child in any particular religion. We will let our children decide about their religion when they grow up.”

Let’s acknowledge that, from a certain point of view, this makes sense. A baby is his or her own individual, with at least some fundamental rights. Especially the right to life, of course.

And isn’t the freedom of the individual our great American ideal?  Who decides who I am?  I do!  Who decides what I believe and how I live?  I do!  Who decides how I will pursue happiness?  I do!

american-flagBut hold it. Isn’t there a great deal more to the story of who I am than what I myself have decided? When I was sixteen years old, I wanted to sleep until noon on Sunday. But my mom did not leave me orphaned. She called me in plenty of time for church. If I didn’t get out of bed right away, she lifted up the covers and poured ice-water down my back.

So, fellow Americans, grateful as we are for our precious heritage of respect for individual rights, let’s have the courage to face some aspects of our lives that don’t involve options and free choice. After all, ironically enough: None of us can claim an individual right to our American heritage of respect for individual rights. We have only received that heritage as members of something bigger than ourselves, as a part of a national tradition that we did not invent or choose. We received it as a birthright, as the gift of our forebears.

Hence: the inner contradiction of the American mind. On the one hand, we think: The worst thing is when someone tries to take away your freedom. Nothing is worse than being forced to obey something you don’t agree with! But on the other hand, we know that isn’t really true. Losing one’s precious independence is not the worst thing. The worst thing is: being left an orphan. Being left with no heritage, no identity at all.

the_holy_trinityOur heavenly Father has not left us orphans. The pilgrimage of Jesus on this earth has revealed that the Father loves us with the same love with which He loves His only begotten Son. And of course our heavenly Father wants us to be free; He protects our individual rights like no one else does.

But the freedom of the child of God is not the freedom of a fatherless orphan. We don’t attain freedom by obeying nobody. We attain freedom by obeying God, instead of obeying anyone or anything less than God. In other words, to be independent of Satan the father of lies, we must embrace fully our total dependence on the Almighty Father.

There’s no option; there’s no choice about God being God. If I try to put myself in God’s place, I obey and serve Satan. Since putting yourself in God’s place is precisely Satan’s sin.

Parents who treat religion as something optional, something for adults to choose or not to choose: they imagine a totally self-determining child. Theoretically, the child should get to decide everything. But, in fact, such a child is left with no birthright, no heritage, no identity.

The children of God, on the other hand, accept with pride and gratitude the million and a half things that we didn’t decide and can’t decide. We know we don’t have “freedom” to determine who our parents are, or where we come from, what language we learn as our native tongue. Much less do we ourselves decide whether or not we will eventually die and go to meet the infallible divine Judge. No one has the individual right never to die.

We struggle to obey our heavenly Father’s law and His Church’s teachings; we humbly confess and ask pardon when we don’t. And each of us acknowledges that even my own distinct individuality is not really “mine.” God has given it to me, as something to use to give Him glory.

6 thoughts on “Given a Father

  1. Father eternal, champion of orphans
    God the Sons, brother and guide
    Hold us all close

  2. Trust in God’s timing… it is better to wait a while and have things fall into place than to rush and have things fall apart.

  3. Careful now, Fr. White. You are really stepping on a sacred cow here! Many American Catholics idolize the “self-determined liberty” you are speaking of. It is likely that many people in your own congregation wilfully DO NOT WANT TO UNDERSTAND how this pertains to ordinary, day to day life. The use of contraception in marriage, for example, is the most ‘normalized’ application today. According to the Pew Research Center, as of September 2016, only 8% of American Catholics believe that it is evil to use artificial contraception in marriage. This is a well documented statistic that has been steady over the last 30 years or so. The same report shows that 64% of American Catholics think that homosexual lifestyle is not a moral issue at all. All the while, bishops and their priests are almost unanimously reticent about this application of “self-determined liberty.”

    It does not take a brilliant mind to realize that the “college of cowardly bishops” [[i.e. the same group of men who are too scared to betray Mr. McCarrick’s allies]] are the same group who routinely neglect their pastoral duty to actively promote and safeguard the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith. As a Millennial Catholic who has sojourned in many dioceses throughout the U.S., I have mostly witnessed parish priests taking a completely hands-off approach to the hard truths of the Gospel. They never get into the nitty-gritty details about matters that parents have to deal with, e.g. Contraception; LGBT Marxist Agenda, etc. So many youth are in peril right now! Yet, the “males” who are supposed to be acting as shepherds (not only “priests” but “husbands” of families too) continue to pay homage to the idol of “self-determined liberty.” The words of the Holy Prophet Isaiah are particularly inspired for our times:

    All the watchmen of Israel are blind,
    they are without knowledge;
    They are all mute dogs,
    unable to bark;

    Dreaming, reclining,
    loving their sleep.
    Yes, the dogs have a ravenous appetite;
    they never know satiety,

    Shepherds who have no understanding;
    all have turned their own way,
    each one covetous for gain:

    ‘Come, let me bring wine;
    let us fill ourselves with strong drink,
    And tomorrow will be like today, or even greater’ (Isaiah 56:10)

  4. Praying for you keep the faith father mark I got lot ppl praying for you

  5. Thank you Fr. Mark for another thought-provoking homily. Read it early this morning, and thought about it as the day progressed. Thoughts always came back to the same part, “We attain freedom by obeying God, instead of obeying anyone or anything less than God.” May God bless and protect you.

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