Outside the Richmond Cathedral


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Richmond Cathedral WRIC screenshot

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Richmond Cathedral pics

Not sure the last time 48 people gathered outside a cathedral to pray for justice and openness in the Church.

…I never thought I would find myself unable to concelebrate the annual Chrism Mass or the ordination Mass. I never thought I would be suspended unjustly from exercising the priestly ministry.

But: It is an honor to have friends like those pictured above, and everyone who prayed from afar…

May the Lord shower down His blessings and His mercy upon us. We mark 200 years as a diocese today–and rejoice in the ordination of two new priests this morning.

(May you never be unjustly suspended, dear new brothers.)

Richmond Cathedral plaza

…We prayed hard yesterday outside. We will fight on.

8 thoughts on “Outside the Richmond Cathedral

  1. Father Mark it was mine and my husbands honor to stand by you in this fight for justice for you. We pray continually for your priestly duties to be reinstated to you. God Bless you and our parishes and we continue on in this endeavor.

  2. Dear Fr. Mark, I was among those yesterday in Richmond, and it was a blessing to be there. I was so thankful for the opportunity to join others in showing our love and support for you, the very special priest that you are. You are paying a heavy price for your obedience to God, in doing what you feel God has called you to do. As the bishop requested in his “statement,” I do pray for him and for all priests. I especially pray that the bishop will be willing to pursue a path of fairness and reconciliation and that you may be returned to your parishes. As you led us in prayer yesterday, I could sense God’s presence there among us–His people and His priest. We are with you in this fight for justice. May God protect you always, and give you strength and peace.
    And the people said, “Amen.”

  3. 82 year old Joe Kernan stated when interviewed July 10th: “Father Mark White is going to end up being a martyr, that’s all there is to it.” I suppose you have been preparing yourself for this. Please take inspiration from a great priest, Fr. Ignatius Kung. Fr. Kung was abandoned by the bureaucratic face of the Church for thirty years. Thousands of his flock were beaten, imprisoned, subjected to psychological torture and even murdered by the present Communist regime of China (the same regime that McCarrick struck a lucrative “agreement” with). https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/vatican-china-sellout. During the 30 years of imprisonment, Fr. Kung never abnegated the indelible mark of priesthood on his soul and he never wavered in revering the reality of the spotless, holy, Catholic bride of Christ. Here is a segment of Fr. Kung speaking in an interview:

    “On September 8, 1955, together with many of my priests and people, I was arrested by the Chinese Communist government and put in jail where I would spend the next thirty years. I was sentenced to life imprisonment under the pretext of ‘treason.’ This ‘treason’ consisted of my refusal to renounce the Holy Father, my refusal to sever ties between my diocese and the Holy Father, and my refusal to give leadership of the establishment of a ‘Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association’ in China, which would be completely under the control of the communist government.

    …Without the prayers of the Universal Church, I and thousands of others would have found it very difficult to survive the ten, fifteen, twenty or even more than thirty years in lonely prisons. Ten, fifteen and thirty years represent a very long period of suffering without freedom, Holy Mass, sacraments and religious books. It is not our strength and merit that help us to endure these sufferings. We survive by the grace of God and your prayers. I hope that your readers will pray to our Holy Mother to protect the bishops, clergy and the faithful of the underground Church. I also hope that your readers will pray for those brothers and sisters who choose to be separated from Our Lord, so that they will return to the one Fold and one Shepherd.” http://www.cardinalkungfoundation.org/ck/CKinterview.php

  4. Father, you remain in the hands of God Almighty under the protection of TRUTH. The Blessed Mother sustains you through her healing maternal love which burns ever brighter for those who are uniquely bonded with her Son through the priesthood. My prayers for you continue. I also pray for the heirarchy which ignores the compassion of which they preach.

  5. Fr. White, are you aware that the man who ordained McCarrick to the priesthood–Bishop Christopher Weldon–was also a homosexual rapist? I find it somewhat perplexing that this has not received much attention in Catholic media.

    According to Mr. Peter Velis, the Judge who recently ruled on his case: “It was clear in my examination that the process included an inexplicable modification and manipulation of the reports received and acted on by the Diocesan Review Board. Additionally the complaint process was compromised in that mandatory reporters failed in their duties to report the allegations to prosecutorial authorities.”

    Weldon’s deeds are so heinous that the Springfield Diocese is digging up his mortal remains to “move them to a less prominent place.” Why are bishops and clergy willing to stand up against wicked men only after they have died? I am citing this case only to prove, at least in theory, that there are circumstances when shepherds are compromised enough that they deserve–out of basic natural law Justice–to be positively rebuked in a public fashion. (The Springfield Diocese is doing this in the case of Weldon, postmortem). The unlimited adulation that so many Catholics afford to mortal-men who forsake the dignity of their sacred office is NOT CATHOLIC.



  6. Thanks for the information Socrates. What is interesting is that Cdl. Spellman’s name should come up. A book published by John Cooney alleges Spellman was a homosexual. As a child, I remember mom watching Bishop Sheen on television and to this day I wonder why Spellman cancelled the program and banished Sheen to a parish in upper New York. Was it in part because Bishop Sheen knew of Spellmans homosexuality? Food for thought.

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