Gulag Dispatch #7: The Discussion We Want to Have

Apostolic Nunciature Mass Ave Washington DC
Apostolic Nunciature, 3339 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Washington D.C.

Today I received the cheerful notice that my letter to Cardinal Stella has gone from Washington to Rome.

Seems to me that the following questions lay on the table, for the Church authorities in Rome to consider…

1. Doesn’t the McCarrick cover-up pose a real problem for the Church? Hasn’t the sex-abuse scandal left the institutional credibility of the Church in doubt?

I stand accused of weakening the Church by writing about this. But won’t we actually strengthen the future of the Church by facing the facts openly?

Hasn’t covering up sex-abuse by bishops wounded the Church?

2. Will the hierarchy of the Church tolerate open discussion of these matters? Can we Catholics speak our minds about the problems we see in the Church? Or must we face severe, cruel reprisals if we do?

Justice for Father Mark will meet at Grand Fiesta Venue, 6812 Greensboro Road, Ridgeway VA 24148, this Sunday, July 19, at 4pm. Junta bilingüe.

I propose that we, as a group, write to Archbishop Pierre, the pope’s ambassador in Washington. Let’s request a meeting with him to discuss the questions above.

Let’s hope that he will give us the opportunity to express ourselves. Then he can let the authorities in Rome know how we feel and what we think.

John XXIII Vatican IIIt must not be imagined that authority knows no bounds.

Since its starting point is the permission to govern in accordance with right reason, a regime which governs solely or mainly by means of threats and intimidation provides men with no effective incentive to work for the common good.

–Pope St. John XXIII

5 thoughts on “Gulag Dispatch #7: The Discussion We Want to Have

  1. Wonderful news. I hope, and pray that the recipient(s) in Rome have an open mind, and heart in reviewing this matter. If they are truly men of faith and grace they will see to it that this travesty is rectified in your favor.

  2. I agree with John! It is also my hope that the individual letters from parishioners already sent to Cardinal Ouellet, the Nuncio, and Archbishop Lori have made them aware of the damage the bishop’s actions have done both to you and to the public vision/opinion of the Catholic faith. The bishop’s actions have not cast the church in a favorable light in any way. May God open their hearts to justice and right in this matter.
    Judy R.

  3. Fr. Rothrock is the spiritual brother of Fr. White. It looks like a pattern is manifest. Silence the few who are not spineless, effeminate cowards. Remove their faculties if they do not comply with the agenda. Wash, rinse, repeat …

  4. I fully agree with all the replies given above. See you Sunday. Please give my love and prayers to your Mom.
    Ann Gunter

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