Trip to Washington

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At our meeting yesterday, we agreed to write to the the pope’s ambassador to the USA, asking for a meeting.

The signatories lamented the situation here: the breakdown of communication, the non-responsiveness of our bishop and the Metropolitan Archbishop in Baltimore, and the apparent abuse of power by Bishop Knestout.

We ask the Nuncio in Washington for the opportunity to discuss the situation with him, focusing on these questions…

1. Doesn’t the on-going McCarrick cover-up pose a real problem for the Church? Hasn’t the sex-abuse scandal left the institutional credibility of the Church in doubt? Hasn’t covering up sex-abuse by bishops wounded the Church? Shouldn’t we face this openly?

2. Will the hierarchy of the Church tolerate open discussion of these matters? Can we Catholics speak our minds about the problems we see in the Church? Or must we face severe, cruel reprisals if we do?

Exactly 100 people signed the letter, in person, at yesterday’s meeting. An additional thirty-four (so far) have signed on the Justice for Father Mark facebook group. That makes a total of 134 signatories, as our letter goes to the post office.

We decided that we will travel to Washington on July 31, whether or not the Nuncio answers our request. We will all meet at 3339 Massachusetts Avenue at 3:30pm. We invite everyone who cares about justice in the Church to join us.

Justice for Father Mark will provide vans from Martinsville and Rocky Mount. Please call or e-mail Joe Kernan to sign-up for a seat on one of the vans:

540 263-1516

8 thoughts on “Trip to Washington

  1. Was my pleasure and blessing to be at the meeting yesterday! Thank you to the people who arranged for use of the meeting place. Re trip to D.C., I will most definitely be going!
    May God’s blessings and protection be upon the letter sent to Archbishop Christophe Pierre, that it will be received favorably. Amen.

  2. I hope you find a solution that helps everyone, and may the time for making regrets be past.

  3. Regarding the long-anticipated McCarrick report from Rome, Mr. James Grein has been told by Pope Francis’ attorney that it’s not only done, but has been for a while.

    One of the startling revelations —and a fact that brings into serious question the validity of the final report (if it’s ever released) — is that James Grein, who is in the process of suing Mr. McCarrick after years of sexual abuse and extortion—, was never interviewed during its preparation. Not once.

  4. We will be speaking out against this travesty. We will be the voices for the victims subjected and Intimidated by the churches power base. We remain quiet no more as Priest and Clergy speaking out on this are being muzzled and having their priestly duties suspended and being removed from their parishes as if this will squelch the Pew Catholics from speaking out. Letters from Bishops intimidating parishioners and asking for help to silence their Pastors and Priests . No More!

  5. Sheila wrote: “We will be the voices for the victims subjected and Intimidated by the churches power base.”
    It is not the “Church” who is the culprit here. I think you meant to direct your comment at “wolves in sheeps clothing” who do not authentically reflect the “power” of Christ’s Church. The “power” of the Church is for preserving the unity of faith, the forgiveness of sins, admonishing sinners, building up the Body of Christ. The “power” you are speaking of does NOT come from the Church. It comes from fallen creatures who seek to redefine God’s design for the Church.

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