Extended Interview

Mr. Dale Thompson had the kindness and patience to conduct an in-depth Zoom conversation with your unworthy scribe.

Pop some popcorn, and kick back for the ten segments. Total running times comes in shorter than Gone with the Wind, Dr. Zhivago,Titanic, or War and Peace.

5 thoughts on “Extended Interview

  1. I posted this earlier on website ‘Justice for Father Mark’……I just finished viewing the whole interview. The word ‘powerful’ is all that kept coming to mind.. I have been blessed to witness a story of the power of God’s calling to certain individuals who HE undoubtedly knows will carry HIS Love and truth forward with humility and grace. I am so thankful to be a witness to our Lords working with and among us even with the human frailties that besiege each of us. God Bless you Father Mark and thank you Dale for interviewing my Pastor.

  2. Wonderful interview. Thanks to Dale for doing this, it means a great deal to all!

  3. Would make a good psychological study in academia depicting how events in one’s life can result in such a fall from grace.

  4. I now have a deeper understanding why Fr. Mark must continue this journey. It is an amazing interview..thank you Dale and Fr. Mark.

  5. In the first 30 seconds a correction is in order……Father White has no parish. He has been replaced. Self-inflicted……sadly.

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