More Reports and Nuttiness

Nunciature signs
Richards Film and Photography took some great pictures Friday
Nunciature looking north
Looking northwest, up Massachusetts Ave. Our official count: 67 demonstrators.
John Wojnowski and Chrissy
Mr. John Wojnowski and his friend, Ms. Chrissy de Fontanay, whom we joined on Friday


Click HERE for an article in the Henry County Enterprise.

And here’s an article by our friend in California, lawyer Joseph Saunders: Vatican Hesitates to Publish McCarrick Report

…This tweet is a couple months old, but it remains my favorite 🙂



Nunciature looking south
Looking southeast, down Massachusetts Ave.

2 thoughts on “More Reports and Nuttiness

  1. Let us pray for moving forward, and not more time for regrets. May both sides work towards a solution.

  2. My reply to @TheMediaReport1Tweet on 5/9/2020
    When an adult rapes a child, it’s a vile crime committed by an evil thing. I’m reasonably sure Rev. White knows that about abuse and the scandal it should very well cause. I know it too. #WhoIsAfterYourKids?

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