McCarrick Articles

Conscientious people recognize that the Church in the United States cannot live Her life in any kind of healthy manner without coming clean regarding the decades-long McCarrick Cover-up.

Catholics and non-Catholics alike realize this. Conservative Catholics and liberal Catholics all realize this.

Two weeks ago, the “conservative” National Catholic Register editorialized about it:

Yesterday, the “liberal” National Catholic Reporter did the same:

When the Register and the Reporter have the same editorial position on something, that’s what you call an “American Catholic consensus.”

Non-Catholics also recognize the imperative. Journalists, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, have helped us by doing thorough investigations.

Two days ago, two reporters in New Jersey published a record of the McCarrick Cover-up. They based their report on extensive research and interviews.

The article comes as a great gift to the Church, helping Her do what the pope and bishops have not had the will or clarity of mind to do.

Here’s a full, easily readable and print-able .pdf file of the article.

It’s a heartbreaking read. But we believe in something called reconciliation. That is, getting the grace of God back, by living in the truth. No one enjoys confessing your sins. But you sure feel lighter when it’s over.

Some quotes and summarizations from the New Jersey Herald article…

In 2002, McCarrick had taken a leadership role among American cardinals, becoming the face of the church as it promised to reform itself in the wake of allegations that bishops had been covering up the sexual abuse of children by priests.

But and the USA TODAY NETWORK New Jersey has learned through interviews and shared documents that McCarrick overlooked abuse allegations made against several priests in the Newark Archdiocese. And the former cardinal is now accused of abusing children himself in three New Jersey lawsuits — including one filed last month alleging he shared children with other priests at the Jersey shore.

In 1997, an aspiring seminarian met with McCarrick to tell him that a Newark priest had sexually abused the young man’s brother and had beaten him. McCarrick promised action. But he did nothing.

So the aspiring seminarian wrote to the Cardinal Archbishops of Boston and Los Angeles, begging them to intervene.

The Cardinal Archbishop of Los Angeles wrote back:

“Archbishop McCarrick is greatly concerned about all these problems and issues, and I know that you can rely upon him to be attentive to these pastoral needs.”

And the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston:

“Your pain and frustration is familiar to me because I have had to deal with the problem of sexual misconduct by clergy. Pray for the leaders of the Church, that we might do God’s will whenever this awful problem occurs.”


The aspiring seminarian got the message. He told the New Jersey reporters:

It was, ‘this isn’t our problem.’

(Both those Cardinal Archbishops later got exposed as serial cover-up artists. But the one received a Vatican funeral with full honors. The other continues to present himself as an elder statesman of the American Church.)

You may remember my mentioning another priest ordained by McCarrick, who has tried to contribute to the public record, Monsignor Anthony Figueiredo. He spoke with the New Jersey reporters.

Msgr. Figueiredo translated McCarrick’s letters to the Vatican into Italian, so he had a lot of correspondence which shed light on what happened. In late 2018, Figueiredo offered to go over all this correspondence with the current Archbishop of Newark, Joseph Card. Tobin. Tobin refused. Tobin said, “this is not the time to discuss that.”

A few months later, in May 2019, Figueiredo posted some of the letters on a public website. Tobin then attacked Figueiredo for failing to “disclose these grave facts earlier.”

When the New Jersey reporters asked the Newark Archdiocese about this, the press office replied:

“Cardinal Tobin has not seen the contents of the letters to which you refer, and it would be inappropriate to comment on them without seeing them. Information and correspondence publicly released or information still not made public by Monsignor Anthony Figueiredo properly belong to the Holy See to investigate.”

In their report, the New Jersey reporters reproduce one of the McCarrick letters to the Vatican that Figueiredo gave them, from 2008.

McCarrick claimed in that letter what he had told us priests and seminarians of Washington, in 2002: “I have never had sexual relations with anyone, man, woman, or child, nor have I ever sought such acts.”

McCarrick and James

The courageous testimony of Francis M., reported last month by the New York Times, gives the lie to McCarrick’s claim. Not to mention the previous testimony of James Grein, one-time St. Patrick’s Cathedral altar boy Mike, the Nathans, John Bellocchio, and John Doe 14, among many others.

The New Jersey reporters also include the disclosures of Father Boniface Ramsey, which you read about here almost two years ago.

Father Ramsey tried to blow the whistle on McCarrick the day after the Vatican announced that he would be the new Archbishop of Washington. In December 2000, Ramsey called, and then wrote to, the Apostolic Nuncio to the US.

Ramsey told the New Jersey reporters: “They knew about it. They didn’t do anything.”

The reporters conclude with Michael Reading’s painful story, which Elizabeth Bruenig told two years ago, while she still worked at the Washington Post. McCarrick abused Reading at the now-infamous Sea Girt NJ beach house.

He went to an upstairs bedroom to change and said McCarrick stood there watching. He finally realized the prelate wasn’t going to leave until he changed into his bathing suit. Later, on the beach, he said McCarrick stuck his hand under Reading’s swimsuit in front of other seminarians. He said they didn’t talk about it and he didn’t know what to do.

The New Jersey reporters add details about what happened after Michael Reading reported the abuse. (This part is a little confusing, because it involves two men named Reading, who are not related. McCarrick abused Michael Reading, who then reported it to Ed Reading, a priest of a neighboring diocese.)

The Rev. Ed Reading, a priest of the Paterson Diocese, was alarmed when the seminarians told him they felt pressured into sharing a bed with McCarrick and having to undress in front of him… Reading reported it to his bishop, who indicated he would contact the Vatican’s U.S. representatives.

Tornielli Giorno Giudizio

“Something had to be done,” said Reading, who now works as a substance abuse counselor outside of the Paterson Diocese. “It’s emotional abuse and it’s a power problem.”

About two weeks later, Newark priests told Reading that church officials made an unannounced visit to the archdiocese, apparently to clamp down on use of the beach house. It was perhaps the first attempt to curtail McCarrick’s activities. But like some other actions later taken by priests and church officials, there were either no consequences or they were fleeting, as McCarrick took seminarians to the shore home for years afterward.

The New Jersey reporters missed one important source of information, the Italian book Il Giorno del Guidizio, which I summarized for you in November 2018. I wrote to the New Jersey reporters yesterday, to alert them to this additional source of information.

Because they don’t know the book, the New Jersey reporters write:

The allegations against McCarrick remained an open secret in the church even after the Newark Archdiocese and Metuchen Diocese paid two seminarians to settle claims against him in 2005 and 2007… McCarrick retired as head of the Washington Archdiocese in 2006, when he turned 75, the Vatican’s required age of retirement. It is not known whether his departure was connected to the payouts.

It actually is known that McCarrick’s departure from Washington came so suddenly because of the payouts. A Vatican official spoke off the record about it, back in the fall of 2018. The official revealed this chain of events:

McCarrick turned 75 three months after Benedict XVI became pope.

Years earlier, while he was still Card. Ratzinger, Benedict had concluded that McCarrick posed a danger to the good name of the Church. The Vatican became aware of the first McCarrick settlement in December 2005, apparently.

The pope then rushed the replacement process for McCarrick. (Healthy sitting Cardinal Archbishops usually remain in office until age 80.) Donald Wuerl became the new Archbishop of Washington well before McCarrick turned 76.

Then the McCarrick-retirement phase of the cover-up began. The details of that phase, once they all come to light, will likely serve to explain why your unworthy servant languishes in unjust suspension from ministry.

19 thoughts on “McCarrick Articles

  1. McCarrick’s disgusting 2008 lie about seminarians in his bed: He had always shared a bed with blood relatives and “always considered my priests and seminarians as part of my family.” Thus he never considered sharing a bed with a seminarian “as being wrong.”
    Posted by Figueiredo and quoted in the New Jersey Herald story.

  2. You might want to read the articles from Catholic sources in comparison to the infantile, verbal diarrhea on your blog. They sound like mature, Catholic adults while you sound like an immature 14-year old atheist in your questionable commentary. Therein lies the problem Fr. White.

    You can keep trying to falsely link yourself to other Catholic commentary as acceptable. You can stop trying to pretend that the Reporter or the Register represent Catholicism in this world. They are both politically driven publications mostly devoid of any theological importance to the Church founded by Jesus Christ. They have opinions. They do not form doctrine.

    Jaime Manson and Ed Condon are not the faces of Catholic theology. Jaime Manson’s review of Gaudete et exsultate has to be one of the most absurd pieces ever written and Ed Condon’s involvement in the attack on the See of Peter was nothing short of a mutiny driven by politically motivated, Protestant, prosperity evangelical evildoers.

    The Church is not the Village Idiot a/k/a the Church Militant versus James Martin. That is a fantasy concocted in the heads of mindless individuals devoid of any theological reality.

    Devout Catholics are focused on Jesus Christ and He alone. They follow the CDF, not American political outlets. Saints are made on imitating Jesus Christ, not the world. You prove what camp you are in repeatedly.

    The Church does not need hypocritical Priests who can “show up” for Mass. We need holy men who truly emulate our Lord. We need to see holiness in this fallen world. We do not need political Priests who hate and have the vocabulary of Howard Stern. We need men who can lead us to true holiness.

    That report will come soon enough and all many will have left is their hatred and false friends. This Church was not built in the United States, and that is not the only investigation taking place. Cardinal Scola, a true Catholic, made it clear the time has come to swiftly eradicate the anti-Pope heretics from this Church as well.

    I do not think you understand what is about to happen.

    You also continue to leave out mercy. You keep requesting mercy from our Bishop, yet fail to show him any mercy, respect, or kindness. You fail to correct those who fall into grave sin under your care. You will receive what you give brother.

    May God bless and protect our Holy Father Pope Francis and our Mother Church!

    “Of all the causes which conspire to blind
    Man’s erring judgment, and misguide the mind,
    What the weak head with strongest bias rules,
    Is pride, the never-failing vice of fools.
    Whatever Nature has in worth denied,
    She gives in large recruits of needful pride;
    For as in bodies, thus in souls, we find
    What wants in blood and spirits, swell’d with wind;
    Pride, where wit fails, steps in to our defence,
    And fills up all the mighty void of sense!
    If once right reason drives that cloud away,
    Truth breaks upon us with resistless day;
    Trust not yourself; but your defects to know,
    Make use of ev’ry friend—and ev’ry foe.

    “And while self-love each jealous writer rules,
    Contending wits become the sport of fools:
    But still the worst with most regret commend,
    For each ill author is as bad a friend.
    To what base ends, and by what abject ways,
    Are mortals urg’d through sacred lust of praise!
    Ah ne’er so dire a thirst of glory boast,
    Nor in the critic let the man be lost!
    Good nature and good sense must ever join;
    To err is human; to forgive, divine.”

    An Essay on Criticism: Part 2 BY ALEXANDER POPE

  3. Through all this how did Knestout not know about McCarrick’s behavior, Considering his time as priest secretary? You are doing an extraordinary job sharing the articles with this community. I am patiently waiting for the report! Thank you

  4. Judy, I suggest you find another hobby and start studying the Catholic faith past blogs. Get past “Who am I to judge?” Which, by the way, was an incomplete quote from our Holy Father.

    The correct quote is “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has GOOD WILL, who am I to judge” [emphasis added].

  5. Cynthia, I do not recall using “Who am I to judge?” in any of my comments. I actually do study the Catholic faith and have delved even more deeply into it as a result of the situation with Fr. Mark. I am familiar with your past comments on Fr. Mark’s blog.
    I have always understood than when we post on the blog we are sharing our personal opinions and insights and beliefs. I try to take that into consideration when I read other people’s comments. The difficulty I encounter when I read your comments is a sense of being “yelled at” and the sense that you feel you alone have the right answer to everything. There seems, to me, to be a tremendous need on your part to convince the rest of the readers about your beliefs.
    In thinking about all of this, I remember some years ago a conversation with another person, a conversation in which I presented my thoughts in much the same manner as I “hear” some of your writings…very adamant and strident. When I finished, the other party simply said, “Who are you trying to convince? Me or yourself?” In view of the topic being discussed that day, it was an insightful question and one I use as a reminder to this day.
    May you find peace in your life.

  6. I applaud your effort to sway the bloggers on here Cynthia . My suggestion to all faithful Catholics is to refrain from reading this blog as it will definitely put one in a bad place spiritually. Just move on and leave this blog to it’s own demise. If you search for good, you will find favor; But if you search for evil, it will find you. Proverb 11:27

  7. Cynthia and Terry, how do you address the FACTS that are being presented? There has been a worldwide pattern of abuse of boys in our church. You write like you are the most faithful Catholics and are incensed by one post with bad language while ignoring heinous actions, which are obvious to any one with any sense, straight from the bowels of hell. It is sense versus sensibility. Everything that Father Mark presents are facts. Do you even read what is written? Do you care about the abuse of children? Do you want any accounting at all? Do you have children of your own? I honestly don’t want to read one more word from either one of you until you quit your ad hominem attacks and address the abuse issue. Father Mark is one of the best and most holy priests I know. If he feels it is God’s will to continue to write his blog, who are you to tell him not to? It’s between him and God.

  8. I am going to say this for the umpteenth time.

    Fr. Mark was not disciplined for defending anyone. He was disciplined for his poor behavior and it is in much more than one post. He also refuses to admit his wrongdoing in this regard. He is too busy telling us all we are taking the filth out of context. It is filth.

    Stop trying to conflate two separate matters and falsely implying that people do not care about children or abuse because they are incensed at the foul behavior of Fr. White.

    Maybe it is time you addressed the issue at hand for once.

    P.S. Girls and women were and continue to be abused in this Church. The fake concern for victims of abuse rides on your statement. Ignoring all victims of abuse comes straight from the bowels of hell and it reveals political motivation over truth.

  9. Suzmguil: Agree with your comments. It is absolutely between Fr. Mark and God!

    Terry, if you feel it is so terrible to read Fr. Mark’s blog, and that “all faithful Catholics” should stop doing so, then I am puzzled as to why you and Cynthia continue to participate. You obviously consider yourselves, “faithful Catholics.” Are you not afraid it will put you “in a bad place spiritually”…or is this a case of, “Do as I say do, not as I do.”
    We all share our personal thoughts and opinions about issues and about what Fr. Mark writes. If someone cannot handle reading comments which contradict their own opinion/beliefs, then perhaps for that person it would be best to stop reading the blog.
    Otherwise, read, consider, study and pray.

  10. The only reason I came here to begin with was because followers of Fr. White started harassing faithful Catholics on the Diocese page, and they kept posting links to this traveshamockery of a page. Apparently saying “God bless you” to our Bishop is too much for Fr. White’s supporters to withstand.

    As for this past week, Sheila been posting on my parish page, which I deleted so I do not have to see her nonsense. The reason I visited yesterday is because Maria is copying and pasting the same lies on the Vatican page over and over and over again and promoting the Church Militant.

    Why don’t you let faithful Catholics be Catholic and leave everyone else alone!

    Take your own advice for once Judy!

  11. Dear Cynthia,
    I think the solution for you might be to start your own blog through WordPress. It is free and then you could express your opinions about any variety of subjects without having to come to Fr. Mark’s blog. I believe, and hope I am correct, that when other people post their comments on your blog, you are notified and then you either allow the comments to be posted for all to see or you don’t. (I have always thought it was gracious of Fr. Mark to allow some of the comments that come to his blog to be posted for everyone to see.)
    My impression from reading your comments above is that you feel people are harassing you when they do not agree with you, or when what they post is contrary to what you feel or believe. That obviously troubles you deeply. My own father (God rest his soul) had difficulty in understanding that people could care about and respect each other and yet not agree on many issues. It was very hard for him to accept that concept and it did trouble him often.
    I am not sure how having and expressing my own opinions keeps you from being a faithful Catholic.
    I consider myself a faithful Catholic. I have no wish to judge others. I read what others write out of interest for their ideas and respect for their right to express their own thoughts. I may form an opinion about what someone else wrote, but I don’t “judge” them as to “right” or “wrong.” Not my job. I have good friends who disagree with me, but we respect each other and accept our differences.
    I sincerely hope you can find a path that gives you peace.

  12. Spiritual gaslighting is a trick of the Devil Judy! All of you have been blocked from posting on our Diocese page for a reason.

    Your idea of Catholicism is actually called Protestantism by the way and you judge everyone who believes our Bishop is correct and who refuse to submit to your fallacy arguments.

    I truly hope you and Fr. White make amends and reconcile with the Church so there will be true peace.

  13. Cynthia, I have never posted on the Diocese page. Until I read your comments, I was not even aware that others had done so. I am not sure how you feel you are able to judge my “idea” of Catholicism and I really don’t care. I ask no one to submit to anything. I express my opinions and beliefs and allow others to do the same. I feel I reached out to you with some attempt at understanding your distress and my idea of you having your own blog was sincere. Apparently you did not perceive them that way. So be it.

  14. The Catholic faith has been passed down through the Apostles Judy. We have nearly two thousand years of Christianity to rely on for guidance. It is not meant to be ignored for how one feels. Sharing opinions in the Catholic sense is fine. Promoting heresy and lying is another. Sin is sin. We are all sinners. There are grave sins and venial sins and sins against the Church. I am not sure if you have ever read the Bible, but maybe consider reading scripture past Matthew 7 and delve into the Church created by Christ and passed down through the Apostles. There is a hierarchy in the Church created by Christ. Libertarianism without solid doctrine is Protestantism. It is the make it up as you go religion that relies more on human nature and feelings than God, dogma and discipline.

    I am not distress Judy, but Fr. White is in distress and dangerously leading people down the wrong path. Calling our Bishop a dog is not Catholic. You need to pay attention to the hate of your fellow supporters and take this seriously. Fr. White risks losing his collar permanently. That is why the public announcement was made in my Catholic newspaper. I do pray for Fr. White earnestly. He can turn this around easily. Maybe you should help seek truth.

  15. Todays Gospel speaks of RADICAL FORGIVENESS which is a sign that amazes many people. Offering RADICAL FORGIVENESS to those who hurt us is likewise a sign meant to shock people into considering the faithful loving-kindness of God. The proper response to such a sign from God is repentance accompanied by obedient faith by both the good and bad. God says to you : “I have made you a sign” Ez 12:6. People are looking at your life, much as they look to traffic signs for direction. What message do they see in your life? Will the way you respond to God encourage others to reform their lives and trust in God? The lack of RADICAL FORGIVENESS by many on this blog has created a poison pen that will injure them spiritually. Satan is smiling.

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