11 thoughts on “They Published My Op-Ed

  1. Really well written – clear, concise, well-developed – not that you need my opinion!

  2. They published my Op-Ed!

    They publish dozens of these a day!

    In fact, it is almost as easy to provide this outlet with free content as it is to make the Huffington Post!

    My pet cookie-baker has affirmed me yet again!

    I am rapidly running out of options!

    Cardinal Beniamino Stella is about to put the last nail in my coffin!

    Another priest is now running my two ex-parishes!

    Not a single one of my fellow priests supports me!

    In fact, out of 414,582 Catholic priests in the world, I am the only one who really “gets” what’s happening!

    This does not in any way make me a virtue-signalling drama queen!

    It’s not like I have studiously and spitefully tried to exploit every avenue to humiliate my ordinary!

    I am Socrates, Solzhenitsyn, and Walter Winchell (a gossip columnist)!

    Yes, I am a convert to the Catholic faith, but – trust me – I totally “get” the whole obedience thing!

    My “boss” is just a jerk, and as a “worker” I have a right to write, no matter what I write!

    I “get” it; the entire hierarchy does not – including the last/current three Popes, who were/are criminals!

    After 10 years of power-blogging, I have less than 500 Twitter followers!

    This is what I have given up my priesthood for!

    None of this is my fault!

    I am an ecclesiastical sovereign citizen!

    I am travelling, not driving!

    Please don’t break my windshield!

  3. Wow lambopolis – you can hurl sarcastic comments as well as an average 10 year old! So what have you done lately to speak up for victims of abuse by clergy? I am going to go out on a limb here and say the answer is probably zilch. If I am wrong about that than good for you, but regardless, there is no need to tear down a good man. At least try to show some Christian forbearance. If Fr Mark so offends you than don’t read the blog.

  4. I have observed how often people who post comments highly critical and demeaning of Fr. Mark White are also using other than their actual names (i.e., “lambopolis”). And before you object, please note that I said “often” – not “always.”

  5. To M. Spencer: You are so right on every count. The question that then comes to mind is why do people who find Fr. Mark’s blog so offensive feel the need to verbally abuse him rather than just ignore his blogs? This is not an “election” situation, in which someone might hope to change another “voter’s” mind. If they think this is a way to turn supporters of Fr. Mark against him, they could not be more wrong!
    Reading the blogs is voluntary…no one forces anyone to read them….or do they? i have begun to wonder whether possibly some of these “comments” are from people “influenced” by someone in the bishop’s office to read the blogs for the sole purpose of “striking back” at Fr. Mark, determined even now to try to discredit him.
    (It is already known that the bishop monitored the blogs earlier, as evidenced by his published complaints against Fr. Mark and the blog.)
    Just wondering….

  6. Judy, no one needs to discredit Mark…he is doing that fine himself. Anyone monitoring this blog is simply concerned about Marks spiritual well being. Now, pass the popcorn.

  7. It’s Fr. Mark, Terry….not “Mark”…he is still a priest. I do not believe that you are monitoring this blog because you are concerned about Fr. Mark’s spiritual well-being. Your comments smack of condescension and self-righteousness. Fr. Mark’s courage in taking a stand on this matter is very frightening to people who would rather live with the “status quo.” Perhaps it is your own spiritual well being you should be so concerned about. None of us is perfect Terry…not even you.

  8. I notice that the people who have the courage of their convictions have no problem with posting under their real names. So until you summon that kind of courage your opinion belongs under the rock that you crawled out from under.

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