5 thoughts on “Church Militant Interview

  1. This is what I was referring to in my earlier caution. Voris had the nerve to compare you – an honorable man and priest – to that sore loser, adulterer, liar and cheat Donald Trump in some shared faux victimization. Wow. You ought to disavow yourself of Church Militant. The enemy of your enemy is not automatically your friend!

  2. Father Mark – yet again you put yourself out there for truth. I am proud to know you. The courage to speak truth to superiors is difficult and more difficult as no rectifications seem to be forth coming. I do believe you’ve been called to this for the betterment of our church and also for the faithful. We need to stand in truth and ask for help from the Lord to keep us there. We all fail and it’s not even like any of us would not forgive anyone looking to rectify faults and gather oneself to start anew with the Lords forgiveness and help. I know you suffer in many ways for this, much of which I will never know but can surmise. As my mother always said to us – offer your sufferings up to the Lord. I know He knows all and he will sustain us through this dark period. Thank you for continuing on – my prayers are ever with you. .

  3. I thought you spoke very well and covered all bases . You seemed fair and respectful of the Bishop and not overly critical even of McCarrick ( although you made clear his evil nature )
    I thought Voris gave you all the time you needed . Overall , an A +

  4. May God bless you, Fr. Mark. A very stirring interview. So blessed to have had you as my priest and you are still my priest, suspended or not. My prayers continue for you as always. May God keep you safe.
    Judy R.

  5. Thank you for your courage to speak out. I know so many Catholics especially men that have left the church due to the abuse swept ” under the rug.” They don’t want to be a part of this or expose their children to possible abuse. So many Catholic have left the faith along with myself as a result of the church tolerating such behavior. I’m very angry with the bishops of the church for not stepping up and condemning all the sexual abuse. Mother Mary’s Fatima concern of apostasy in the church! I’m trying to come back to the sacraments but very difficult when you don’t trust the hierarchy . Thank you again for your courage.

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