The Holy Spirit is the third Person + Hoyas

Summa Contra Gentiles, Book IV, chapter 18

Subsistent = existing by virtue of its own proper, independent existence. As opposed to an accident = existing by virtue of being a part, in some way, of some subsisting thing.


Update from the most-fun annual sporting event in the history of the world…

A strange Big-East tournament, to be sure, without the usual crowd noise. (More crowd noise than last year, anyway.)

But it’s a great year. UConn has returned to the family, after wandering like a prodigal, and:

Yesterday, the Georgetown Hoyas got their first win in the tournament in five long years! Setting up a face-off with top seed Villanova at high noon today.

We believe in miracles.

One thought on “The Holy Spirit is the third Person + Hoyas

  1. Hard to believe its tournament time… i no longer watch though i grew up a huge duke fan…ncsu too but they were rarely in the big tourney especially after we lost jimmy v…i was just a kid but wow what a legacy…. youre in my prayers…

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