God the Holy Spirit Makes Friends of God

Cast me not out from your presence, and your Holy Spirit take not from me.

(from our psalm at today’s Holy Mass)

In Chapter 22 of Book IV of SCG, St. Thomas explains how the Holy Spirit moves us to God.

Summa Contra Gentiles, Book IV, chapter 22

Holy Spirit dove sun

In Chapter 23, St. Thomas addresses the arguments outlined in Chapter 16, which tried to show that the Holy Spirit is not divine, but a creature.

Summa Contra Gentiles, Book IV, chapter 23

One thought on “God the Holy Spirit Makes Friends of God

  1. TABIV:Ch22-God allowed me to suffer a migraine today. Not resolved by medication nor rest thus not being able to “do” anything productive, I was drawn to return to this reading program.

    The Holy Spirit makes us lovers of God. As a lover and friend, we delight in His presence and He delights in ours. We run to him in our need and rejoice with him in his joy. In our love, we consent to his will, and desire to fulfill it, freely motivated!

    The idea of slavery being the state in which we are acting against our own will out of fear helps us understand how some people can view “religious practice” as brainwashing, cultists, or forced subjection. Not having been touched by the Holy Spirit, thus not being lover to God (perhaps not ever having experienced true love at all), they cannot conceive of how someone could set aside personal will to fulfill the will of another.

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