6 thoughts on “One-Page Plea + Video

  1. Dear Father Mark,
    Just wanted to let you know that I wrote a card to Beniamino Cardinal Stella.
    Also, know that you are very much in my thoughts and in my prayers.
    Sincerely in Christ,
    Barbara Ostrin

  2. I have written to Beniamino and am on way to mail it. Beautiful video…thank you for speaking to us.
    Judy R.

  3. We have written to the Cardinal. We’d be happy to provide you with a copy of our letter. Email us with an address, email of snail mail.

  4. I wrote to Sua Eminenza Cardinale Stella, a short and sweet e-mail, addressed to the Vatican in Rome, without specifying the matter, I’ve requested a few minutes zoom meeting, I hope they’ll turn longer, and that he somehow at least responds 🙏

  5. Are all the other priests in the diocese warming themselves around a charcoal fire right now?

    I don’t know if you’ve discussed it on your blog in the past, but maybe could you write sometime about any/all priests of your diocese who are sticking their neck out for you. I just can’t fathom that there aren’t at least some priests resigning in protest. Doesn’t speak well for your diocese I’m afraid. I can understand our ol’ buddy Fr. Tony Marques, with his cushy cathedral assignment, not wanting to rock the boat. But are there no others?

  6. Father White, JESUS WOULD NOT ALLOW UN-CLEAN HANDS to Ordain you as one of HIS Beloved Priests, because you are innocent & had no Knowledge.

    I believe JESUS Ordained you through THE HOLY SPIRIT – in Purity.

    Do not dwell on negative thoughts, instead, concentrate on the Purity Of THE HOLY SPIRIT you were Ordained in. Do not think of your corrupt Bishop Ordaining you.

    Think of the Purity Of THE HOLY SPIRIT Ordaining you.

    GOD Bless

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