Catholic Whistleblowers Letter

The Catholic Whistleblowers is an organization dedicated to supporting sex-abuse survivors.

I am honored by this letter to Bishop Knestout.

Plus a tweet from my mom:

3 thoughts on “Catholic Whistleblowers Letter

  1. Wow, what a beautiful letter! A fellow cleric showing you support; I almost can’t believe my eyes.

    I’ll def have to look more into Msgr Lasch and his efforts; thanks for posting!

  2. Fr. Mark, am I right that it would take only one bishop to end this nonsense?

    Couldn’t a bishop write, in private even, to Bishop Barry saying:

    “Brother-Bishop Barry, please. Stop wasting your energy and ecclesial funds persecuting a righteous man. It is hard for you to kick against the goads. Your attempted forced laicization is futile, because, even should you succeed, I’ll simply call layman Mark White into my diocese and lay my own hands on him, thus restoring to him anything you so mercilessly stripped.


    Hypothetical Sane American Bishop”

    It wouldn’t have to even be an American bishop. What about your boy Vigano’? He likes to use your tribulations in name-drops to support his own twisted arguments. If he cares about you so much, why doesn’t he do something that actually matters? He could tell Bishop Barry that if he goes through with his insane plan, he’ll come meet you personally in a trendy Italian restaurant in Georgetown, like Cafe Milano, and, when supper was ended, he himself will ordain you a priest of his titular church.

    Hang in there, brother, we’re all praying for you.

  3. Thank you for writing that letter. I am a survivor of sex abuse by Catholic Priests’ in the Richmond Diocese that has been swept under the rug by this Bishop, so far. I attempted to trust the “internal church process” and found that it did not want to accept/acknowledge Truth, but rather looked at it from a legal aspect. I was sodomized by the well known Father John Leonard but stated that my accusation was “not credible”.

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