Interview from the Ecclesiastical Gulag

Some of my previous Gulag Dispatches…

(I wrote nine last year, but these particular ones are perhaps worth revisiting now)

#1 attempts to make sense of my “offenses” under Church law (May 15, 2020)

#2 considers the Roman tribunal that will consider the case and asks for a recusal (May 17)

Wuerl Knestout Pope Francis[NB on dispatch #2. Donald Card. Wuerl turned 80 last November, which means he no longer sits on any Roman tribunals. The Vatican appears to have timed the release of its McCarrick Report to correspond with Wuerl’s aging-out of official Vatican roles, since the report casts enormous shadows on Wuerl’s credibility. Nonetheless, I fear that he continues to exercise influence over the decisions of the Cong. for the Clergy.]

#5 considers freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and evangelization (June 4)

#6 asks, What does “Justice for Father Mark” Mean? (July 4)

#7 outlines The Discussion We Want to Have (July 16)

#8 Canonical Arguments and the Secret McCarrick Report (August 4)

#9 Walter Winchell + the Gas-lit Gulag (August 25)

Cool Hand Luke in leg irons

Pretty grim situation.

But, on the flip: We can hope for holy water in the stoups at the church doors soon 🙂 We will be able to bless ourselves coming and going, like was always did before. Rebirth.

3 thoughts on “Interview from the Ecclesiastical Gulag

  1. The Church has a credibility problem , and incredibly the hierarchy is powerless to deal with the problem effectively. It is impossible for the hierarchy to bring the requisite openness and transparency to bear, because
    “The hierarchy is the problem”. I’ve just finished reading “Killing the Mob” by Bill Orielly and his co-author Martin Dugard. As I read this book, I was reminded of how the Church deals with those who expose what the church wants to keep secret or sweep under the rug. They take the offender for a ride. The ride is usually one way. Isn’t it a sad state of affairs that reading a book about organized crime in America that I am reminded of the Church into which I was baptized in 1938? Sad indeed !!!!


  2. We don’t always understand the crosses we are called to bear nor need we, “ours is not to know the reason why; ours is but to do or die.” (Obviouly not scriptural.)
    You and a thousand other unfortunate priests are fighting a battle you cannot fight. It is way beyond your pay grade. You are fighting the good fight! Possibly it is time to back off and put it solely in the Holy Spirit’s hands.
    God bless you. You are in my daily prayers.

  3. I am so saddened by the state of the world today. Scandal seems to be the order of the day in government and in God’s Holy Church. What a shame! I’m sure when Jesus was up on the cross, he certainly had no doubts about the evils of man–he lived and died by those evils. Yes, I know he had to fulfill the prophecy…but His suffering was so great because of evil cowards. Being 100% human, and with my own sins and faults, cannot understand why the evil and sin is still being covered up and allowed by the leaders of our Church. These ‘men’ are supposed to be leaders of the flock, yet are never held accountable for any wrongdoing! It sickens me!
    You all can say what you will, and criticize me all you want. I still stand beside Father Mark all the way, and I can’t help but feel the leaders of todays Church don’t really care about the truth. Just keep the donations pouring in, sheep.

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