13 thoughts on “Michael Voris Interview

  1. Bravo 👏 Fr …the Church Militant released a very good and detailed interview of your Story. We all pray for better days 🙏 Amen

  2. It is hard to fathom that the priest who abused me (and another teen girl) was allowed to retire—that he is supported by the Church still, and yet this priest who is trying to help stop the soul-killing actions of wolves in shepherd’s clothing might lose his priesthood. May St Thomas More protect and defend all whose consciences are tacking this abomination!

  3. I told you a year ago that the problems you are facing were self-induced and that going to the venomous Michael Voris will fill his pockets but not bring you back to active priesthood. At this point, there is no hope of you catching a clue, so what’s your plan after you get kicked out of the priesthood?

  4. Wonderful interview…saw it on Church Militant…glad to see it posted on your blog site.
    Judy R.

  5. Fr Mark, please know we are praying for good priests like you, Fr Altman and many others. As a Deacon I’ve been threatened by the Church over helping those in need because of some rules put in place because of the disgusting behavior of men like McCarick and those that protected him. Since I’m married I will survive if they dump me but for you as a priest who has given your life to bring Jesus to your flock; how dare they? Where were they when so many terrible priests and bishops were playing with seminarians and children? May God keep you close to him.

  6. Father, I will be praying for you and all facing persecution. It is so disheartening that it comes from within… but we must keep faith. Jesus is in the boat with us! How can we help?

  7. Fr. Mark critics: just some concrete evidence that Fr Mark’s vocation bears good fruit! (https://richmondvocations.org/meet-our-seminarians/john-paul-shanahan/)
    Fr. Mark: you don’t need Church Militant, Michael Vortis, or the baggage that they bring. They defend some terrible people and you risk being associated with all of their views, many of which I have no doubt you are in disagreement based on your own writings. Just because they are critics of the hierarchy and are appalled by the sex abuse scandals, as many of us are, does not make them your friend. They are using you. Don’t be fooled.

  8. I live in Australia and watched the interview. What a Cross this man of God is having to carry. Our own Parish Priest has told us he does not believe in the Real Presence or Miracles but has assured everyone that, no matter what, everyone is going to heaven. Lord help us all no matter where we live. My prayers & thoughts will be with Mark.

  9. I’m not sure the fondling analogy does anything for your cause; nobody’s asking you to fondle anything. If the point you’re making is that vows of obedience aren’t absolute, I think you’d get more mileage from an analogy that better accords with what Bishop Barry is asking from you. For example: Suppose after a few years at your parish you came across compelling proof that your predecessor knew about a case of a catechist parishioner who raped a child, but covered it up because the catechist is a big donor to the parish and diocese. Now suppose you go to the bishop to apprise him of this new info but are told, “Under your vow of obedience, I hereby command you to say nothing further about this to anyone ‘for the good of the Church.’” This is more like what you’re being asked in my opinion, and it’s even WORSE than fondling because that would just be between two adults whereas what Bishop Barry is asking you to do, in thwarting your attempts to help the Church fully discover ALL victims and perpetrators of this evil, potentially puts other children at risk, and not just you and him.
    Bishop Barry should be making it clear that people can rest assured that subordinate clerics, seminarians, and the faithful will not be retaliated against or pressured for trying to bring clerical corruption to light, and yet there’s His Excellency retaliating against one such priest all the way to forced laicization. Bishop Barry should be making it clear that anyone who thinks he could be doing a better job helping the Church begin to right all the miserable wrong that occurred is completely welcome to come forward and share ideas. Yet there is His Excellency, trying to punish in the worst way possible a man with many such sound ideas. Per usual, it’s an example of a Church leader doing the exact opposite of what is needed to start fixing this mess.
    Given His Excellency’s behavior, how can ANYONE now trust that there isn’t a single case of child rape or a perp cleric anywhere in the Church that is currently hidden due to a vow of obedience, whether that of a priest to a bishop, or of a religious, who also take vows of obedience, to a superior? How can people know for sure that the vow of obedience isn’t being perverted into a tool to shield the Church from even more bad press, and in the process, denying justice to victims? Do you remember how Senator Warren ended Bloomberg’s run at the Democratic nomination simply by asking him to release all women from any obligation to honor any NDA they had with the man? In a similar way, if he truly cared, Pope Francis could declare null and void any obligation by any Christian to keep silent concerning child safety, including your bishop’s command to you.

  10. Dear Father: your heart must be breaking. Be assured of my prayers for you.

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