9 thoughts on “Beginning of the Final Section of the Summa Contra Gentiles

  1. Here’s a tweet from Michael Voris this morning: a fellow you spent some quality time with last week.

    “Good morning fellow anti-Communist; anti-Marxist and anti-Democrats – but, I repeat myself. Another day of battle. FREEDOM!!!!”

    Do you subscribe to his views?

    1. Looks like you follow Michael Voris on Twitter. I don’t. I subscribe to the views that I express here on my own weblog. I like Michael, and I appreciate what he has done to give a forum to survivors of priest sex-abuse. I don’t follow all his statements.

  2. Maybe you should follow Voris so that you understand the person that is using you to attack bishops. But you didn’t answer the question: do you agree with the statement or not?

    1. I appreciate the advice. I don’t think anyone needs me to attack bishops; there’s plenty of material to work with, with or without me.

      But when you ask me if I agree with his statement, which statement do you mean? His good-morning wishes to his Twitter followers? Are all his Twitter followers anti-communists? I don’t know. Do you?

      Or are you asking me if I agree with the implication that all Democrats are Marxists or communists? Is that what you’re asking me? I don’t think that is true. I know quite a few Democrats who are neither communists nor Marxists.

  3. Seriously, you’re going to play stupid and flippant? No, I’m asking about his good wishes.

    Here’s a few more to chew on:
    “ Homotyranny in Italy threatens the Catholic Faith”
    “ Unelected Biden’s cognitive decline grows more obvious day but day.”
    Responding to a HHS tweet, “ Josef Goebbels produced this, right?”
    “ It’s already split. Marxist Democrats will have ended the US as we know it. Okay. Time to form a new US. And make sure no Marxists are allowed.”
    “ Democrats are NOT Americans. You can’t be Marxist/Communist AND American.”

    You’re right, he doesn’t need you to make the bishops look bad; some of them do that just fine on their own. On the other hand, your bishop is right to dump you if you are such an ignorant fool to get into bed with Voris, like the rest of the fake priests he interviewed last week.

    1. You seem a lot more interested in Michael Voris’ politics than I am. I assure you I have no intention of getting into bed with him, sir.

  4. It’s not politics, it’s his religion. And, you are already in bed with him, sir.

  5. You’ve been warned by me and others. But you jumped into bed with someone who demonizes everyone that doesn’t 100% agree with him on all matters, have racist overtones to his tweets and mischaracterizes those that disagree with him politically as Marxists, Communists and not Americans. I know that, if I were in trouble in my job, I wouldn’t want a White Supremest supporting me as it would just hurt me. And you really have no excuse for not doing research into him since you aren’t doing anything like running a parish. And your ignorance on the matter is more than enough justification in my mind to have you removed as a priest. Congrats on making your bishop correct in his actions.

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