Richmond Report + Is the Church a Corporation?

4 thoughts on “Richmond Report + Is the Church a Corporation?

  1. Here is a rule of life that I think is almost always true:

    an organization that prohibits or discourages criticism or questions of its stated beliefs is saying “we are afraid that any inquiry or questions about our principles and claims will easily show they are false–maybe even based on something we are afraid to acknowledge”.

  2. I know that if I were requested to take down my blog and didn’t I would be fired. I’m a school teacher. I have lost colleagues who have badmouthed our school and administration IN THEIR PRIVATE FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS and they were reprimanded and dismissed. School too struggle over the corporation question too! Whatever the school or church is, not ticking off the boss applies in all cases!

  3. @Mook You clearly don’t get it. It’s clear that Fr. Mark’s “dispute” with his bishop is not genuine, but rather the vindictive evil action of a power hungry man who wants to silence the truth. I applaud Fr. Mark for following his well formed conscience, even at great cost. It is horrific to see what is happening in our church, and I’m sick over the persecution of faithful priests, but our Lord has conquered all!

  4. It seems to me that if the bishop were confident that Mr Mark were WROJNG, the bishop would welcome Fr Mark’s comments, since that would show everyone just how wrong he is.

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