Outside the ancient Tuscan city of Lucca, you can visit the tomb of St. Gemma Calgani, d. 1903.

Inside the 16th century walls… the basilica holding the tomb of Lucca’s founding bishop, an Irishman, Saint Frediano. Also a stunning medieval baptismal font.

This basilica also holds the tomb of sweet St. Zita.

The cathedral (duomo) of Lucca reminds me of Notre Dame.

The cathedral is consecrated to the memory of St. Martin of Tours.

St. Regolo rests here.

And they have a Christ-the-King crucifix that they say bears the likeness of the Holy Face veil, which would make it the most accurate sculpture of the Lord’s face.

4 thoughts on “Lucca

  1. Good day Father Mark,

    I am a Canadian and a healthcare professional. I am thankful to God’s providence that He leads me to website that helps be aware of what is happening around the church and the politics, I found this channel and website from devout faithful Catholics like Church militant, Life site, Renewal ministries, Divine Mercy by Father Chris Alar, Dr Taylor Marshalls. they are my source of information cause here in Canada i saw especially in our church diocese are following the EWTN channel and shows which disturbs me when I found out that they are modernist and vowing to follow the Pope which is misleading faithful Catholics. I pray father that you will keep this website and pray that you will be one of the means to our eternal pilgrimage to heaven.

  2. You should leave. The heck with waiting!! The Tridentine Church is growing through Father Jenkins in Cleveland, OH.
    I attemd St. Hilary’s in Brooklyn Park, MD. We are not beholden to these Cardinals you speak of. Not the pope? for that matter. Our church is growing and growing thanks be to God and this pope.

    It’s the true Catholic Church where we witness, extend and defend the Catholic Faith in the traditional mass prior to the mess of Vatican II.

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