Canonical Process Update

Sermon on the Mount by Fra Angelico

This fresco has comforted and encouraged me for decades. Then I stepped into one of the small, dark cells in the friary of St. Mark’s last month, and there it was: the original. Painted for the benefit of the one novice who occupied that particular cell.

…Thank you for praying for a successful outcome at our meeting in Richmond on Friday.

I believe that heavenly grace moved us in a good direction. More to come about what happened, in a few days.

Happy October 31st Sunday of the Year today, and happy All Saints Day tomorrow.

My Mass on Tuesday will be for the repose of the souls of all our beloved dead, especially those who died from the long-term affects of sexual abuse by an authority figure.

All Saints Fra Angelico
Fra Angelico fresco, in Fiesole, outside Florence

9 thoughts on “Canonical Process Update

  1. Thankful to hear a cautiously optimistic tone to your post. Continued prayers that good will, and best the interests of the church bring about a solution to this issue.

  2. I am guardedly optimistic but will continue to Pray that it will be good news. My sense is that if it had been negative, you would have so indicated. Thanks, Joe

  3. Thank you for the update. Hope you felt the many, many prayers covering you on Friday during the meeting.

  4. 📿… the Holy Rosary, what a beautiful gift, what a powerful weapon. I’m so happy to hear there’s reason to be optimistic. Best wishes, and more prayers for you.

  5. Continuing to pray for you and the bishop daily. May this be resolved according to His will.

  6. Father Mark, I will continue to pray the Rosary for you and will add Bishop Knestout although I pray other prayers for the both of you. I sincerely pray that God will change his heart and soul so that the Bishop will allow you to remain a priest in our diocese. We need you so very much because I firmly believe God called you to serve Him and his flock.

    In Christian Love,

    Ann Gunter

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