“Legal” Abortion?

John Paul II on the Mall

It’s as if Pope JPII wrote this particular part of the encyclical to help us, right now.

It is almost eerie how perfectly this section of a 1995 letter reflects the state of the question in the US, in June 2022.

[Full podcast website HERE.]

JP II The Gospel of Life (Evangelium Vitae) Chapter 3 Part 4

One thought on ““Legal” Abortion?

  1. I’ve read that Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam allow for abortion in some circumstances. Judaism famously *requires* abortion if the FETUS (not “baby”) threatens the life of the mother.

    In other words, if the Church manages to impose its will on society, it will be violating the religious rights of other religions.

    Hmm….wait a minute, it seems to me this has happened before…

    And what about artificial birth control? Since the church believes that that is immoral, will the church then try to impose THAT aspect of its teaching on everyone else? (And remember, polls show that Catholics do not differ from other groups in their use of artificial birth control.) Hmm….

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