2 thoughts on “Conclusion of Evangelium Vitae

  1. No surprise that a politician would make a misstatement (if not something “worse”)….

    HOWEVER, regarding abortion, Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam regard abortion as acceptable under certain circumstances–indeed, in Florida a suit has been filed (I think by a rabbi) seeking to explicitly permit abortion.

    SO, if the church has its way, it will once again be imposing its views on others.

    BEAR IN MIND as well that for the first few years after the Roe decision, most evangelical organizations had no problem with the idea of abortion–indeed, supported it as a right. They changed their positions as a result of political manipulation, and–as several analysts and historians have documented–as an extension of their racism.

  2. This article is great as always👍 we ‘re waiting for another “new post”. Keep up your good work! And Thank you …✝️….🙏

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