One thought on “Even More on the Union of God and Man

  1. As we celebrate The Baptist’s passion today, you stand out as a modern-day John the Baptist—in ecclesiastic prison for correctly and accurately calling out the sins of those in power. We all have to hope Bishop Barry doesn’t have a dancing niece.

    The Church likes to honor John the Baptist, but only with their lips. Their example is far from his. This Scandal has so compromised the Church that any bishop who dares call out politicians for their personal or political behavior the way John did would risk a raid on his diocesan archive by the state A. G. So instead they speak in the weakness of general platitudes rather than naming specific sins and sinners in the way that cost The Baptist his life.

    But even your unfair punishment demonstrates that they, and not you, are in the wrong. For your case makes clear that if a bishop wants a “problem” priest removed and stigmatized, it’s very easy for him to do it. So, your suffering witnesses to the fact that the bishops could have disciplined all those repeat-offender child-rapist priests, they just chose not to. You thus witness against the lie the bishops tell: that the system tied their hands such that they were powerless to stop these monsters.

    But more so than John the Baptist, your actions resemble those of. You, who are innocent, are taking on yourself the punishment of suspension that all those perpetrating priests should have received from the Church. It must be tough to be a saint-in-the-making.

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