The Publisher is Taking Pre-Orders for My Book

Ordained by a Predator: Becoming a Priest in the Middle of a Criminal Conspiracy will ship in November.

It will make a lovely Christmas gift 🙂

They interviewed me about it via e-mail and on camera. Part of the video is in the second tweet below.


5 thoughts on “The Publisher is Taking Pre-Orders for My Book

  1. Ordered a copy of your book! Bob and I think of you often and pray that you are doing well. You are loved my many and remain in our prayers

  2. Can’t wait for the book! I ordered two copies; one for myself, and one to leave on the table at the back of the Cathedral of St. Matthew. I like seeing you take the offensive like this.

    But I’m distressed by the goings-on here in your daughter diocese. We’re two years away from 2024, which marks the 50th anniversary of Arlington’s formation from Richmond, and we’re presently in the midst of a three-year celebration of the run-up to that “jubilee.”

    What bothers me though is that according to Arlington’s own list of credibly-accused clergy, when the new diocese was formed in 1974, nine of the 60-70 diocesan priests were men who, Arlington now believes, had molested at least one minor! And these are just those they acknowledge; one has to think there could have been more. Now, I’m trying to get clarification on the true number of diocesan priests then; some sources say 60, others 70. But regardless, when a tenth priest on the list switched from Richmond to Arlington a year later in ‘75, it meant that even by the kindest interpretation, roughly 1 in 7, or 14% of Arlington’s diocesan priests had previously sexually assaulted a minor! I challenge anyone to find me another diocese with a number this high. How in the world is this something to celebrate? Given all we’ve learned since 2002, there’s not too much from the American Church in the 60’s and 70’s that anyone should be celebrating today. But it’s certain that THIS event is nothing to be proud of.

    Celebrating an event that we now know involved so many men who traumatized kids seems to me incredibly disrespectful to victims and survivors. It would be one thing if they took an honest look at the issue, but they don’t in the least. Absent that, I would think they’d just let the date pass into history without mention. But to actively celebrate the establishment of a diocese with a 14% molester rate among its diocesan clergy? It boggles my mind. Not only do they act unashamed and unrepentant, but presenting their past in such a positive way forces them to ignore the suffering of everyone harmed by these men. One wonders what Metuchen is planning for 2031.

  3. Why, in heaven’s name, are you in bed with Church Militant? I warned you to give them a wide berth. You are ruining your chances of ever getting back into the good graces of the diocese

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