Knowledge Christ Had, Infused from Above

Does Christ know all things by knowledge infused from above?

ST III Q11 a1

Does Christ’s mind use sensory images?

ST III Q11 a2

NB. “Separate substances” = beings without sensible matter, i.e. immaterial beings = God, angels, and human souls separated from their bodies by death

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More on Christ’s Knowledge

Does Christ have “infused” knowledge, like the angels?

ST III Q9 a3

Did Christ acquire knowledge?

ST III Q9 a4

NB. St. Thomas uses the word “phantasm” here, but he does not mean a ghost lurking in the basement or the attic. Rather, it’s a philosophical concept. By phantasm, St. Thomas means the synthesis of sensory impressions that accrues in a human mind, which allows the intellect to form an idea. In other words, a mental image.