One thought on “A Human Mind with Infinite Knowledge?

  1. It’s a great day for reading the Summa. But I can’t help notice the lack of Scandal-related posts lately. Makes me wonder whether there’s a rapprochement going on behind the scenes. Like how two armies at war declare a temporary truce while a more permanent peace treaty is being negotiated. If so, hope your side doesn’t give too much away. Hang in there!

    Speaking of crimes against the innocent, the overturning of Roe v. Wade has put Virginia Catholics like you and me in an odd spot I think. For the second time in your life and the first time in mine, we can live in a state that actually puts significant restrictions on abortion. Does a Catholic not have an obligation then to move to one of these states? I’m having a hard time seeing why not. Why should we fund such laws with our income tax when we no longer have to? Folks in your parts can fairly easily move over the NC line, where there laws are more restrictive than ours, though not as good as WV or KY, which are in better range for many others in Bishop Barry’s flock. Those of us in NoVA have a longer way to move.

    The Virginia bishops seem to me now in a weird situation where it might be the right thing for them to order their flock to leave their diocese for another state! Ex Virginia vocavi filium meum? I’ll be searching the Summa today for some guidance on this question that’s annoying my conscience.

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