More-Readable McCarrick Report?

The world awaits the Vatican’s “McCarrick Report.” We will see tomorrow morning how long the Vatican report is. I wager: staggeringly, painfully long. We will see how informative the Vatican report is. I wager: So-so. It will have plenty of information about men who have reached the age of 80–or the grave. It will protect […]

Bartimaeus Saw

The merciful Lord did not mind that Bartimaeus called Him “Son of David.” Bartimaeus could have said, “Son of God,” of course. But, by calling Christ “Son of David,” Bartimaeus hailed Him as the long-awaited Messiah, since “Son of David” was a title of the Savior Israel expected. Whatever Bartimaeus meant by his salutation, the […]

Fact and Mystery

Two quick points about Jesus rising from the dead. 1. People who love Jesus want Him to have risen from the dead. Everything He said and did fascinates us and captivates us so much, we can’t believe it all ended on the cross. But we cannot allow ourselves to believe in any beautiful legends, just […]

Dead Ancestors & the Bread of Life

“Your ancestors ate manna in the desert, but they died.” (John 6:49) What a morbid thing to say! The ancestors, our ancestors, the original pilgrims seeking the Promised Land, freed from slavery, bearing the Commandments in the Ark. The Almighty showed His love and providence not only by dividing the Red Sea for them, but […]

Lazarus and Dives

Christ’s Church proposes for our faith the articles of the Creed. And God gives us the grace to believe them. Many of our experiences help us to believe the Christian faith. Perhaps the most decisive experience, when it comes to moving us toward the faith of the Church, is this: We observe that everyone dies. […]

There is Always Hope

This scene is not in the book (like a lot of the movie version of Two Towers). But it is pretty sweet. …Did you know that when a man is ordained a bishop, two deacons hold the book of the Gospels open over his head? Meanwhile, the ordaining prelate prays the consecratory prayer. …Speaking of […]

Sicut Transit Gloria Mundi

Perhaps, dear reader, you remember that we have touched on our love for Michael Jackson before. The album “Thriller” was fun in just about every way–all the songs were good, the videos were delightful, the Vincent-Price cameo was priceless. “Human Nature” is on my iPod perennially. I liked the album “Bad,” too. “Man in the […]