Wait a Minute. Prince.

In an idle moment, I busted out a few tracks from the first Batman movie soundtrack, just to re-live the time. Listening took me back to those heady days of cassette tapes, and a crystalline realization left me humbled like a man in front of Niagara Falls:

Let’s reflect for a moment—

Between 1982 and 1987, Prince came out with 1999, Purple Rain, Around the World in a Day, Parade, and Sign o’ the Times.

Pause. Taking it in…

Do you realize how many songs are included here that are necessary elements of the cosmos?

By my count, at least twelve.

This is the most amazing thing that has ever been done.

If the man had only produced Purple Rain, that would be the most amazing thing that has ever been done.

…Can we really doubt, you know, the Almighty Hand?


Close Call


It was incredibly close. Too, too close. Altogether too close.

Edward Hopper won the Art Lovers’ Poll by a single vote.

And the Hoyas lost to the Pirates by five points.

jt-iii-cufflinksSeton Hall’s luck was charmed by the twentieth-anniversary commemoration of their trip to the NCAA finals.

We Hoyas fans are going to have to re-evaluate our expectations for this season. Now we really do have a losing Big East record.

On the bright side…

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