Somebody up there doesn’t like me…

Georgetown Marquette Basketball

First the poor Hoyas went from the basement to the sub-basement.


Then the pretty boy beat my man Roger.

Now, to give Rafi his due, he is incredible. His skills are amazing. But that is not the most impressive thing. As Dick Enberg put it: “Nadal does not play the score.”

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The Consolation of Other L’s

It only took 31 hours. The Redskins loss to the Rams has just about ‘come out in the wash.’

America’s Team fell, and they look like they are in disarray. The Super Bowl champs lost, too–in fact, they got KILLED. Losing to the Rams is a bitter pill, but when everything is said and done, NFC-East W’s and L’s are what matters, the ‘Skins L doesn’t look quite so ugly now.

Someone up there likes us.

Arizona celebrates upset win over Dallas Sunday
Arizona celebrates upset win over Dallas Sunday

Also: Suddenly, this Sunday afternoon’s game against Cleveland looks a lot more interesting. Someone is going to have to stuff Edwards. Maybe certain people will find a way to focus themselves this Sunday.

Browns' Edwards can dunk AND beat the Giants
Browns' Edwards can dunk AND beat the Giants

It IS too bad that two other teams’ losses are what it takes to chase the Redskins’ blues away. But we take what we can get in this life.

Was there a game at FedEx Field this past Sunday? I can hardly remember…

This has even inspired to me to add a song to the cheer-up list.