Short Trip to Gulf-of-Mexico-bound Water

Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail near Pearisburg, Va., pullulated with through-hikers today, until the afternoon rain set in.  Everyone heading north, two months or so into their trek.  One particularly pensive, another looking for a party, and a couple interested in telling me all about their breakfast.

“You don’t get an indulgence for hiking the Appalachian Trail, like you do for completing the camino to Campostella,” my priest friend commented to me.  “Well…I think if you offered the hike to the Lord as a sacrifice, He would be pleased.”  “How very ecumenical of you.”

Praise God, I have covered a few miles of the Appalachian Trail in my days… In northwest Massachusetts.  Maryland.  Harpers Ferry, WVa.  Northern Virginia.  Near Charlottesville.  Pretty much every way you can hike it anywhere near Roanoke (which is a lot of ways).  Further southwest, too: Damascus, Va., and a few miles in North Carolina, years ago…

What if we didn’t have the Appalachian Trail?  If it didn’t exist?  God save us.

Here’s an old favorite of mine by Bruce Hornsby and the Range. Came to mind because our Holy Father will soon give us an encyclical about caring for the environment.

I wore the cassette down to ribbons listening to this album. (Scenes from the Southside) The Church has been an environmentalist since way before this song came out (in 1988).

P.S.  Totally on the USA Women’s World-Cup bandwagon, thanks to the world-famous WorldCupSoccerDad, who works at Roanoke Catholic School!