Palliative Distractions, more Mark 6, and Father Maciel

Hoyas now a miserable 4-7 in the Big East
Hoyas now a miserable 4-7 in the Big East

Quick! Anything–anything–to distract us from the pain of Total Hoya Meltdown!

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Cufflinks R Us


Here are some beautiful cufflinks, suitable for use just about anywhere–except Cincinnati.

dog-cuffsThese beautiful cufflinks would look great at work, out to dinner, even courtside–if, for instance, you were the coach of a Big East basketball team.

But we no longer concern ourselves with such things. Basketball is too emotional. Cufflinks are more predictable.

If you went to Cincinnati and found yourself mauled by a Bengal tiger or a “Bearcat,” you would want something sturdier than these cufflinks between yourself and the animal.

But Bengals and Bearcats are subject matter for other weblogs. We are going to focus on cufflinks from now on.

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Super Bowl? What Super Bowl?

Raphael Nadal
Raphael Nadal
Don’t forget about the Georgetown Hoyas game at Cincinnati this evening.

Once again, it is a Chvotkin special on AM 570 (i.e., not televised). 7:30 p.m.

Will you call me un-patriotic if I admit that I want Federer to beat Andy Roddick (and Nadal to beat Fernando Verdasco) to set up a Federer-Nadal re-match in the Australian Open Finals?

If so, no me importa. Quel dommage.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer
It was hot last summer in Wimbledon, and it will be hot on Sunday in Melbourne (owing to the way the seasons fluctuate in the northern and southern hemispheres).

If it’s a Nadal-Federer re-match, it will be the most interesting sporting event on Sunday, for my money. Of course, the Finals match will be at 3:30 a.m. EST. It will be long over by the time THE GAME begins, Steelers fans, so don’t panic.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget about one of the world’s most beautiful women: Serena! She is also in the hunt for the championship.

See–I am not as unpatriotic as you thought. I may be for the Swiss in the men’s, but I’m for the American in the women’s.

Serena Williams
Serena Williams