Shooting Himself in the Foot

A lot of people are lamenting the self-destruction of Gilbert Arenas.

Today is his birthday. May God bless him.

Just in case you don’t know, the birthday boy is in trouble. He brought guns into the locker room of the NBA team formerly known as the “Bullets.”

“He’s crazy. He’s a goofball. He doesn’t realize what he has done to himself” (i.e., risked his entire career).

But he does know. He knows what he is doing.

The $111-million-dollar man knows a secret, and he is desperately looking for any possible way to keep the secret from becoming public knowledge.

The secret is this: He isn’t THAT good.

He had two excellent seasons. Since then, he hasn’t done anything for two and a-half seasons.

If there ever were live coals in the Hibachi, they have burnt out.

He knows this.