Bigger and Better Things

Red in the red.  Caps out.
Red in the red. Caps out.
Dirk hit the...dirt.  Dallas out.
Dirk hit the...dirt. Dallas out.

My teams are out.

Now I have to come up with more subject matter. Yikes.

…By a strange co-inky-dink, a priest friend of mine from the Pittsburgh area is visiting this week.

Soon, he will return to the land of gleeful Penguins people. He promised that he would speak to them about our pain.

BrooklynTrolleyYes, the Penguins won the series fair-and-square. But it hurts. It hurts…

…Did you know that, back in the late 19th century, the borough of Brooklyn was thick with trolley cars?

There were so many trolley car lines in Brooklyn that Manhattanites called their Brooklyn neighbors ‘trolley dodgers.’

mannyThis is the origin of the name of Manny Ramirez’s team

Another question I have is: Why does Notre Dame University hold its graduation ceremony on Sunday? I thought college graduations were customarily held on Saturday, Sunday being the sabbath and a holy day…

…Finally, let’s discuss:

Was St. Matthias the first to receive the sacrament of Holy Orders from someone other than Christ Himself?


My Man! Plus, a vademecum to come

marionbarryAfter a dozing former mayor-for-life woke up, a contentious debate ensued in the D.C. City Council chamber yesterday.

The question under discussion was: Should the District of Columbia recognize the “marriages” of a man with a man and a woman with a woman performed in states that permit this nonsense?

Only one man refused to jump on the “gay rights” bandwagon: Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry.

…Things are not looking good for no-defense Dirk and the Mavs. The Thuggets are dominating them…

…Recently I received this charming note from one of our young people, and I wanted to share it with you:

Dear Father White,

I loved the retreat. You helped out in so many different ways. I learned so much that I can’t remember it all.

Thank you!!

…This morning, the sports world is abuzz with the news that Brett Favre just might come out of retirement (again) to play for the Minnesota Vikings!

It is pretty clear that the man is petty. He would like to stick it in the Green Bay Packers’ eye. That would be the one motivator for his return to the rigors of professional football.

favreThere has been general tsk-tsking over this. ‘He can’t be allowed to come back just to satisfy a personal vendetta. He would have to show full commitment to the team!’ etc.

Let’s take a step back from this.

Please do not moralize at me over football. Football is not a religion that requires ritual purity. Football is a game.

When the Lord said, “Forgive your enemies,” He was not talking about during a football game. Games are FOR vendettas. Games are for score-settling. You are supposed to want to kick your opponents butt, and it makes it more fun when it is personal.

This is my humble sports-blogger position: There is only one thing that would keep me from mocking Brett Favre for coming back from retirement yet again. That would be if he came back to settle the score with the Packers. (Who never did him any real wrong, by the way.) The pettiness and bitterness of sports is what makes them fun. Save the moralizing for serious things.

…Circumstances have arisen which have moved me to prepare a brief synthesis of facts regarding marriage. Hopefully this synthesis will serve to put at rest the minds of well-meaning people who do not want to be on the wrong side of the ‘struggle for civil rights.’

Barring any technical difficulties, I will publish the little vademecum in a few hours…

Go West, Number Seven! and Cetera


…Would that the disease really were the “swine” flu, in the imprecatory sense of the word ‘swine.’ Then only the most low-down, dirty, rotten scoundrels could contract it.

Judge John T. Noonan
Judge John T. Noonan
…The latest news out of South Bend, Indiana, is that Judge John T. Noonan will speak along with President Obama at the Notre Dame graduation.

(Mary Ann Glendon, who was previously scheduled to speak, perspicaciously declined the Laetare Award earlier this week.)

Please refrain from throwing tomatoes: For my money, of the three orators (Obama, Glendon, Noonan), Noonan promises to be the most interesting.

I am not claiming that he is correct in all his opinions. I do not even know what all his opinions are. I am simply saying that he is a very smart man, with a subtle, penetrating mind. His Power to Dissolve is one of the more illuminating books I have ever read. (It is about ecclesiastical marriage law.)

…The number seven subway in New York City is a delightful line.

sevenYou can ride it between Times Square and Grand Central in lieu of the tedious “Shuttle.” You can ride it out to Shea Stadium and the site of the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fairs, which is where one of the wonders of the world is kept: the New York City Panorama.

The day after I ran the New York Marathon, I parked at a Queens diner, ate an omelette, and paid the owner ten dollars to keep an eye on my car for a few hours. Then I rode the Seven to Manhattan for a wonderful day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, lunch with my brother, etc. Basically, the number seven is sweet.

Now the Number Seven is being extended by two stops to the west. And Archbishop Dolan blessed the huge tunnel drills!

What a world we live in, dear brothers and sisters in Christ! There is hardly time to take it all in. Can you believe that, on top of all this, the weekend will feature:

Caps. Celtics-Bulls. And of course, Nowitzness.

Whupping Day

summers-asleepSleepy, sleepy. Let me just say that I can relate to this. Who can’t?

…Last night someone put whupping juice in the NBA water bottles:

Celtics by 21.

Mavericks by 21.

Can I get Nowitzness?
Can I get Nowitzness?
Dirk is the man!

And the Jazz beat the Lakers!

…Candles are burning for the Caps

…Tomorrow is the feast day of the kind and gracious saint who has been my patron ever since my dear parents put me under his care at the baptismal font in October, 1970.

He wrote the shortest, most succinct gospel.

He was not one of the original Twelve. His information came from St. Peter.

He is the best patron saint a man could ever ask for.

St. Mark is symbolized by the lion
St. Mark is symbolized by the lion

Upsetting NBA Weekend, Garden Rejuvenation


You are trying to tell me that…

The Chicago Bulls beat the Celtics in Boston (though the Celtics just evened it), AND…

The Dallas Mavericks beat the Spurs in San Antonio, AND…

The Houston Rockets whupped the Trailblazers in Portland, AND…

The Philadelphia 76ers beat the Magic in Orlando?!?


Does this mean that no one will be able to mount a serious challenge to the Cavs or the Lakers? Is a Kobe-Lebron showdown inevitable?

I’ll tell you what: the Mavericks are my team now. I am sick of Kobe and LeBron. Dirk Nowitzki is my man.

candle1Meanwhile…What do the Lord Jesus Christ and the Washington Capitals have in common?

Both came back to life in the garden! (I can tell you that there have been candles lit in our church for the Caps.)

…There is not a lot written in the New Testament about the interactions which the Lord Jesus had with His Apostles and disciples after He rose from the dead, before He ascended to heaven.

christ-apostlesBut we can gather a great deal from the impact those forty days had on the Apostles.

They started out as men who feared for their lives and scattered at the threat of danger.

They wound up as truly spiritual men who sang the second Psalm as their hymn. They rejoiced to face danger.