voting_machine_jokeTo vote is to choose. All the individual voters make their choices, and the Republic elects a president. Sometime in the next few hours, we will know how this election turned out.

It pertains to our dignity as intelligent, discerning adults to make our choice as voters. We are blessed to live in a land where we have this duty and privilege. This is the heart of American freedom.

Everything in this world, though, is imperfect. Politics is imperfect.

Let us cast our minds, then, to the eternal Election Day, the day of the divine election.

From all eternity, unto all eternity, God Almighty has chosen. He has made His election. He has voted. He has chosen to love us.

We did not choose this. We did not choose to exist. We did not choose to be redeemed by the Precious divine Blood. We did not choose to be called to heaven.

God chose. God voted. He marked His ballot with His blood. Who did He vote for? Us.

Election Day 2008 in America is certainly important. We cast our ballots with sober awareness of everything that is at stake. But the eternal election day matters more.

It is an act of freedom for us to cast a ballot. It is an even greater act of freedom to submit to the choice of God.

It is very important who wins the presidential election in the United States today.

But let’s not forget who won the Election on the eternal Day of Christ. We did.