Southwest Corner

Remember when Ferdinand Magellan reached the Philippines?

Well, this afternoon my Evangelization Team and I reached the southwest corner of my little city parish.

Every Friday afternoon, we knock on doors and invite people to church. We take the parish block by block.

It felt great to reach one of the corners of our territory. We memorialized the moment with a cellphone snapshot.

At Sixth and G Streets, Northeast

Three more corners to go.


Through the Little Door


Back on May 13, when your unworthy servant was commemorating the eighth anniversary of my ordination to the diaconate, our Holy Father was in the City of David…

nativity basilica door

The ancient Basilica of the Nativity, buffeted by the winds of history and the burden of the ages, stands before us as a witness to the faith which endures and triumphs over the world.

No visitor to Bethlehem can fail to notice that in the course of the centuries the great door leading into the house of God has become progressively smaller.

Today let us pray that, by God’s grace and our commitment, the door leading into the mystery of God’s dwelling among men, the temple of our communion in his love, and the foretaste of a world of eternal peace and joy, will open ever more fully to welcome, renew and transform every human heart.

(Pope Benedict, homily in Manger Square)

Grotto of the Nativity

We pilgrims will crouch down through the ancient door of the Basilica of the Nativity in nine days, please God. We will visit the very place where the Son of God was born!