Divine Messages


There is nothing hidden except to be made visible. (Mark 4:22)

When you get to see a double rainbow during your morning run, you praise the Lord for His kindness and mercy.

Because, as we know from participating in the life of the Church and reading our Scriptures: a rainbow indicates more than the occurrence of a particular refraction of sunlight owing to atmospheric moisture. A rainbow also betokens God’s promise. Of old the Lord spoke to Noah, saying,

I set my bow in the clouds to serve as a sign of the covenant between me and the earth…that the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all mortal beings. (Genesis 9:15)

So a person can find him- or herself out running, or walking the dog, or waiting for a bus, or walking into the office from the parking lot, and God spreads the bow in the sky to remind you, “I love you, child. I love the whole earth I have made. Stride into the future, just like Noah and his family did. Because I guide all things toward a good goal.”

God communicates with us. St. Paul gave everything in the service of this fact, as did his protégés Saints Timothy and Titus, as have all apostolic men and women throughout this Age of the Christ’s Church.

noah-covenantWe get God’s message not by idle dreaming, or by fruitless navel gazing, or by willful egomania—we get God’s message by believing in Jesus Christ. We believe that He spoke absolute truth and that He is absolute Truth. And we believe that He pours out a divine Spirit from heaven, to sanctify us and guide us to the goal.

Now, how do we center ourselves in this journey? To one side lurks the danger of deaf and blind obtuseness. God wills to communicate with us, and He will communicate with us as He wills. We must remain open to Him always, in every little thing. Because nothing exists, except by the power of His love.

To the other side lurks the danger of irrationally seeing signs and messages in every little thing. Like, “Daggone, I didn’t hit that red light this morning! That must be the Lord telling me to march into my boss’ office when I get to work and demand a 50% raise!”

The way we center ourselves and avoid these dangers is: standing squarely within the fold of the Church. Growing constantly in our powers of discernment by actively participating in Mother Church’s prayers and ceremonies, studying Her teaching, going to confession every month, praying every day.

Lead on, o kind God of the covenant rainbow! Lead on, o Savior nailed to the cross. Lead on. We will do our best to hear You.