Three Ways to Hear His Voice

He taught them as one having authority. (Mark 1:22)

From of old, the Almighty promised that a voice would ring out which would carry the divine guarantee of truth. He made this promise to a people like us: a people seeking the Promised Land, needing to hearken to the divine voice in order to find our way.

What if no voice of truth guided us? What if the only source for truth was me myself?

That would be a sketchy situation. I would want to have one set of rules when I was in one mood, and a different set when I was in another. Hungry? One set of rules. Angry? A different set. Eyes fixed on a toy I want to play with? Another set. Life without the voice of God would leave a person fat, friendless, and maxed-out with credit-card debt.

Thank God, then, that He speaks to us. With authority. He speaks to us with the authority of the final judge, before Whom we will have to answer for everything done or left undone.

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Emotional Epiphany


Owing to various circumstances, I found myself at Holy Mass this morning (the Solemnity of the Epiphany) at the Shrine of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini. I was very glad to be with the saint, to whom I have often prayed for the members of my family.

The homilist made an interesting observation. The three Magi came from different lands. It was not possible for them to call each other on the phone before they departed to find the Christ.

At one point on their journey to Israel, the three Kings met. They discovered that, by the plan of Providence, they each had DIFFERENT gifts for Christ.

What if when they met up, and they saw each others’ gifts, the one had to say to the other, “Oh, gosh. You got Him myrrh, too? Darn it!”

Didn’t happen. God provided. No returns or exchanges on the first Christmas.

…I wept copiously at Mass this morning. I was overcome by the suffering of people I love. Even more so, I was overwhelmed by the love of our mysterious Creator.

God became man to reveal His love. He took to Himself the sufferings of all humanity.

He has done this to redeem it–all the suffering in every painful place in every painful corner of this sin-laden world.

When we suffer, we do not suffer like animals, without meaning. We suffer for Redemption.

God has made Himself known to us, dear brothers and sisters!

He loves us with everything He has. He has made us to be happy with Him in heaven forever–all of us, every man, woman, and child on earth.

…Thank you all very much for praying for me and for my family.