Shooting Himself in the Foot

A lot of people are lamenting the self-destruction of Gilbert Arenas.

Today is his birthday. May God bless him.

Just in case you don’t know, the birthday boy is in trouble. He brought guns into the locker room of the NBA team formerly known as the “Bullets.”

“He’s crazy. He’s a goofball. He doesn’t realize what he has done to himself” (i.e., risked his entire career).

But he does know. He knows what he is doing.

The $111-million-dollar man knows a secret, and he is desperately looking for any possible way to keep the secret from becoming public knowledge.

The secret is this: He isn’t THAT good.

He had two excellent seasons. Since then, he hasn’t done anything for two and a-half seasons.

If there ever were live coals in the Hibachi, they have burnt out.

He knows this.

Hibachi, Yes. Delpo, No. Plus, Tough Evangelization

arenas-cut1Click here for some encouraging news about Gilbert Arenas.

40+ Wizards wins this season? Oh, yes…

…Delpo looked like he had Andy Murray in the bag this afternoon at the Rogers Masters finals in Montreal.

But Murray rallied to even things up with a second-set tiebreaker. Delpo fell apart, and Murray whupped him in the third set.

(Delpo beat Andy Roddick in the semifinals yesterday.)

Let’s face it: The U.S. Open is shaping up to be incredibly sweet. Too bad only one of these heroes can win.

I will be pulling for Roddick, by the way. Federer is my man, but Roddick won me over in the Wimbledon final.

Rogers Masters champ

mencken…Click here* for one of the funniest accounts of attempted evangelization ever written, from H. L. Mencken’s Newspaper Days.

(*The link brings you to the middle of a chapter about Mencken’s trip to the Indies in the summer of 1900. The account of his encounter with the Methodist man of God starts in the middle of the page.)

Sweet Christmas Revenge

Gilbert's back
Gilbert's back

LeBron and the Cavs edged out the Wiz on Christmas Day. But that was then. This is now. Wizards/Zephyrs 109, King James’ Cavaliers 101!

Nonetheless, Preacher’s team at this point is the Caps. Ice hockey is a great sport. The Caps are good. Plus, they are funny.

close-to-homePretty soon it will be NHL play-off time.

Before then, they will play the NCAA Final Four in a football stadium. Bad idea–the football stadium thing, I mean.

If Michigan State doesn’t win, I hope Villanova wins.

Meanwhile, perhaps you are looking for a peaceful, quiet spot for meditation on the great mystery of life. I have been reading Annie Dillard’s For the Time Being, which occasions a great deal of reflection. I also read a book by Joseph Pieper I want to tell you about, but that is going to have to wait until after Easter…

Anyway, one of the best quiet spots is: the courtyard of the Freer Gallery on the Mall in Washington.

Here is a beautiful work of art that hangs in the Freer Gallery:

Breakfast in the Loggia by John Singer Sargent
Breakfast in the Loggia by John Singer Sargent