Not Much in Common

I do not think that “iPad” is a very good name for a computer.

…As you may recall, I really got a lot out of the George Clooney movie about frequent-flier miles. The movie hit me between the eyes.

Then I read a review that made me wonder: Was I imagining things? Or does Commonweal hire blind people to review movies?

…On January 28, we keep the feast of the Angelic Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas.

St. Thomas was a theologian and teacher. He wrote countless books. He accomplished the greatest of all feats: He never over-stated his case.

Our knowledge of God remains in a certain darkness of ignorance–ignorance through which we are united to God in the best way, at least in the present life.

…Rock on, Tim Tebow!

Too bad about Delpo getting knocked out of the Australian Open.

Traffic, Bad Blood, Good News, and Waking Up

sea-of-brake-lightsIf the Lord had not called me to a priest, I would have become a traffic engineer.

I would have worked 80 hours a week, keeping myself awake with cappuccinos and high-protein energy drinks. I would have chained myself to my desk, living on graham crackers, peanut butter, and dried apricots—until I figured something out. I promise I would have.

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