Vague vs. Consubstantial

The Lord proclaims to the people: “I am compassionate.”

How compassionate?

…In five weeks, we will start working the famous pew-cards with the revised translation of our Mass prayers. When we do, we will discover some different words in our beloved Nicene Creed.

The first question is: Why do we recite the Creed at Mass? Any thoughts?

Right. Because this is what we believe about God Almighty. We Catholics believe specific things.

Whenever I encounter someone who says something like “Who needs organized religion?” or “Don’t we all pray to the same god anyway?” or “I’m not religious; I’m spiritual,” I experience two simultaneous reactions.

1. Thank God, I intend first and foremost to sympathize, to extend a friendly hand, to put the best possible interpretation on the other person’s point of view. After all, God indeed does transcend all the words we use to focus our minds on Him.

2. Meanwhile, though, whenever I hear such vague shibboleths about religion, I cannot help but think to myself: “Gosh. Do you have a thought in your head? How can you be satisfied with nonsensical flim-flam about God? Shouldn’t you take yourself a little more seriously?”

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Retiring These ‘Bests’


Perhaps you have noticed that this friendly blog has extra features, little reference pages across the top of the text.  One of these is a page where I offer my recommendations for enjoying the best items in various categories.


I intend to update this page from time to time.  By my calculations, I will run out of possible categories in the year 2081.  But by then I myself will have moved on to version Dead.0, and this little undertaking will be no more.


So say goodbye to the outgoing list, and check out the new ones above, if you are interested.



Best Album Title Ever:  “18 Till I Die,” Brian Adams


Best Day of the Liturgical Year:  Gaudete Sunday


Best Marathon to run in Washington:  The SunTrust National Marathon


Best Beach Ice-Cream-Cone Flavor:  Cocoanut Chocolate Almond


Best Condiment:  Three-way tie:  Mayonaisse, Pickle Relish, Horseradish


Best Rock Song on my iPod Shuffle:  “Dare You to Move,” by Switchfoot


Best Lawn-tractor T.V. Ad: