No Clashes of the Titans, but satisfying nonetheless

It is rather annoying to have to contend with the fact that ESPN radio and the sports bars of the world do not consider tennis to be a real sport.  I managed with some finagling to catch a lot of the US Open championship matches anyway.  (This evening I was handed the remote to manipulate myself by my scattered waitress.  It did give me a feeling of power, but then I couldn’t get the dagblame thing to work.  The manager had to step in.  She promptly assured me that there was no tennis on CBS, only the evening news.  ‘It’s not on my list.’  ‘Please try it anyway,’ I begged.  She graciously indulged me.)

It was fun to see Murray knock off the pretty boy yesterday (the hearthrob Raffy).  Then the lovely Serena took care of the lovely Jankovic.  And today the prettier boy made quick work of his historic second fifth-in-a-row Grand Slam title.  It would have been nice to see Nadal and Federer square off again, but I am happy that Roger is the champ.  Tennis is such a nice escape from even thinking about the Redskins.