Fell Sergeant, Strict in His Arrest

When your mom has a loving, goal-oriented, gusto-chasing sister who lives within walking distance, you wind up with an extra influence in your formative years.

The sisters.  Cindy on the right.
The sisters. Cindy on the right.
Dear reader, please pray for the repose of my dear aunt Cindy. She died this afternoon of cancer, two weeks shy of her 65th birthday.

She was big-time: Vice-President of a large publishing company. Moderator of the Presbyterian Church USA. Distinguished patron of the finest restaurants in Washington. And she kept quite a few charming cats in kibbles over the years, too.

My aunt Cindy taught me to yell “EEEEEE!!!!!” whenever Elvin Hayes took a jumpshot. She taught me how to remain calm during a round of miniature golf. She showed me the best way to drink your morning coffee.

She taught me the meaning of approximately 14,000 words. She risked everything and took a troubled teenage foster-son into her home, who grew up to become one of the most lovable professional skate-boarders I know.

Cindy taught me how to enjoy driving, how to appreciate Rehoboth Beach, how to include champagne in your Easter celebrations, and how to love your brothers and sisters in church (crusty as some of them might be).

She tried to teach me how to behave like a gracious gentleman with a sense of humor. (All my failures on that score must fall on my own head.)

Aunt to left, mom sitting, goofball smiling in St. Peter's Square
Aunt to left, mom sitting, goofball smiling in St. Peter’s Square, Nov. ’08

Cynthia Bolbach’s funeral will occur on Saturday at 1:00 p.m., at
First Presbyterian Church, Arlington, Va.
Requiescat in pace.

Please come and give me a hug after the service, if you can. Or give me a hug the next time you see me. Or give me a spiritual hug by saying some prayers for Cindy, for my mom and brother, and for me.