Gracious God

God gives—graciously, kindly, generously. Because He gives graciously, kindly, and generously, the beautiful cosmos exists, and we exist. He never owed us anything. But He gave us everything anyway—out of kindness.

baptism-holy-card1God gives, even when we betray His kindness. We messed the whole thing up; we made God’s beautiful creation ugly, and made ourselves ugly. But He responded by generously sending His Son to live a beautiful human life of pure generosity. In order to reconcile the human race with the divine generosity, kindness, and graciousness.

Holy Baptism initiates us into the mystery of God’s loving kindness. We become vessels of God’s generous love. We become capable of acts of genuinely divine graciousness.

The holy People of God, called by God to be holy—His Church. Our holiness involves fidelity to God’s law, to be sure. Above all, that means: generosity, kindness, graciousness. That is the Law that God Himself follows; it is the Law that is Himself–unstinting, infinite Love.

Sharing in God’s holiness through the sacraments means sharing in the divine bigness and patience. Sharing in His permanence, His stability, His boundless resources.

God always starts every day with everything at His disposal, ready to give, with no fear of running out of anything. When we stand squarely in His holiness—His infinite graciousness–in the bosom of His Church, then we can start every day that way, too.

No matter what happened yesterday, no matter what got depleted, or run down, or bruised, or harmed—God has the resources to replenish, restore and heal. And we do, too, when we live in God.