Light Out at NYT? The White House?

I admit that sometimes I read the New York Times. Have I ever wondered: If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

I may have. But I have never wondered if the light in the refrigerator stays on while the door is closed.

Ever since I was three, I have known that the closing door presses a switch that turns the light off. For decades, I have thought of this as “common knowledge.”

Until today. Today I enjoyed reading Ms. Jo Becker’s “The Other Power in the West Wing,” about presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett.

Like many such articles, this one offers extensive quotes from an unnamed insider. The secret source wonders aloud about who makes the decisions, Ms. Jarrett or the President?

An interesting question. In the words of the insider, quoted verbatim in the article:

The question that is hard to get inside of, the black box, is whether she is really influencing him or merely executing decisions he’s made. That’s like asking, ‘Is the light on in the refrigerator when the door is closed?’

Now, over the years, I have ready many, many sentences which make no sense.

This one, though, takes the cake. Which I will leave, for the anonymous prize-winner, in the refrigerator. In the impenetrable darkness.

You my Glance Seeks (Psalm 27)

A deep, terrifying darkness enveloped Abraham. (Genesis 15:12)

The Lord had called Abraham to come to the Promised Land. God instituted a covenant with Abraham. He made promises to Abraham. Then the Lord enveloped Abraham in a “deep, terrifying darkness.”

Many centuries later, the Lord Himself walked the earth. He took His closest Apostles up to the top of a towering mountain. He revealed His divinity to them. Then He enveloped them in a cloud that cast a shadow over them. Peter, James, and John became frightened.

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