Shalom, People

tel aviv skyline
Tel Aviv

Greetings from Tel Aviv, Israel!

We have arrived at the shore of what the ancient Israelites called the Western Sea, a.k.a. the Mediterranean.

On our way from Ben Gurion airport, we drove past the city of Lod.

slaughter eatIn New Testament times, Lod was called Lydda. In Lydda St. Peter saw a vision. All the animals of the earth were before him, and he heard the Lord say, “Slaughter and eat…What God has made clean, you are not to call profane.”

Anyway, we are weary from a long journey.

It is a great pleasure to re-unite with Raouf Korborani, who was our guide the last time I was here in the Holy Land.

Tomorrow we will visit the ruins of the fortress Herod the Great built on the Mediterranean to welcome the Romans.

These days it is known as “Ceasarea Maritima.” This is where St. Paul was imprisoned for two years before being sent to Rome for his final trial.

When the Muslims conquered the area, they found a beautiful church in honor of St. Paul. They admired the architecture before they destroyed the church. Then they built the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem to look just like it.

After that, we will go to Haifa, which is where Elijah lived. Back then it was a remote mountain ridge (Mt. Carmel). Now it is a beautiful city.

More to come tomorrow, if it please God!