A Career Begins

Roman lark
Roman lark

This is still St. Paul’s year. As of late, we have been ignoring him shamefully.

Today at Holy Mass we read the beginning of the Apostle’s first missionary sermon. (Tomorrow we will read more of it.)

Or, rather, we should say: Acts 13 contains his first recorded missionary sermon.

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Rocking the Wrong Red

Pro-fantasy partisans in red at Maine hearing
Pro-fantasy partisans in red at Maine hearing

Yes, I got behind the Red. I even got a red t-shirt and a cap.

But this is NOT what I had in mind.

Caps, people! Washington Capitals! You’re wearing red in the wrong place to cheer for the wrong thing!

I have not considered the topic of “same sex marriage”–other than in jest–because I cannot take it seriously.

What is to debate? Same-sex marriage is impossible. “Same-sex marriage” is like “oven-roaster Greenland.”

In other words, when I hear the phrase, my reaction is:

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